Honor and Peace, A Letter From the Editor

October 4, 2017

                                State Representative Ron Reynolds and Publisher Stephanie Zarriello


Honor - A word that we hear but always need to put into action. At the 2017 Texas Black Business Conference hosted by the Texas Association of African American Chambers of Commerce, the San Antonio Observer newspaper had the opportunity to share the stage with Texas State Representative Ron Reynolds, House District 27. I listened to how Rep Reynolds was described by all who attended as being a man with great passion, a man that has a deep sense of integrity, and a person who wants to ensure Black owned businesses no matter where they are, can have the same opportunities being afforded to white companies that enjoy white privilege. He drove up from San Antonio, where at the time, Texas State Representative Barbara Hawkins had scheduled a Town Hall meeting with the Texas Legislative Black Caucus. He arrived saying that it was an honor to be recognized with the very first G.J. Sutton Award... he wouldn't have missed it for the world as he is honored to represent a man who represented the best of the best of Texas legislature. 

My new friend, Representative Reynolds was an endearing man whom made you feel as you were instantly important and that your concerns were his concerns. Representative Reynolds- thank you for all that you do and are continuing to do for Missouri City, Texas. Your work is effortless and you are a fighter for justice and equality. This is evident by your stature and how you make everyone feel as they have a friend in you just by meeting. Congratulations. We look forward to many more great things with you in the future.

We received TAAACC's Richard Nelson Award, named for the man who first published "The Representative" in 1871. Imagine the times when he wrote and what threats existed with his day. 

We are so honored to take upon this award and expound upon it by also honoring our first black Publisher in history Mr. Nelson. This year we will look at his struggles in the black press as they are the same that they are today. We will keep writing knowing we are taking Mr. Nelson's legacy and ensuring it lives on. The Black Press will always be here no matter the fight because we have a whole lot of passion that a lot of times surpasses anything monetary. 

Thank you to President of The Texas African American Association Chambers of Commerce, Mr. Charles O'Neal and all of the TAAACC Board of Directors and staff. What a wonderful weekend as you honored us and the best of the best in 2017 for Texas Black businesses.  I want to extend my thanks to HEB, Darryl Younger CPA, Available Bail Bonds, Mr. Jones Bail Bonds, GM&N, Carter-Taylor Williams Mortuary, Collins Funeral Home, Armstrong Bail Bonds, Meadowlawn Funeral Home & Crematory, and Dr. Anthony Webb who value every single one of our readers and invite you each week within the pages of our paper to patron their business through advertising their businesses.  


We have had an awesome crew to include former City Councilman and now Professor Mario Salas, Mr. Christopher Herring, TC Calvert Sr., Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Calvert Jr., Mr. Walter Perry, former Texas State Representative Laura Thompson, and our graphic Layout Mr. Chuk Jones and so many others. 

One more note for today.... I think we all know something is happening. The world is not the same. Shootings, mass killings, our leader, the list goes on. I truly ask everyone to pray for our nation. Pray for Trump. God is in control of all things but we have to do our part as well. Prayer goes further as we all know. It fixes a lot. We need a lot of prayer warriors and we need it now.


God bless you all and I will see you next week.






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