October 4, 2017

Omowale Elected TAAACC Vice Chairman 


Austin, Texas - The Texas Association of African American Chambers of Commerce, composed of 23 Black city chambers, that represent the voices of 250,000+ Black owned businesses across the state of Texas, made a unanimous decision by electing Deborah Omowale as the vice chair on September 28, 2017.   Omowale is currently the Chairwoman of the Alamo City Black Chamber of Commerce and previous owner of Eva's Escape.   She is the CEO of Delodi Consulting.   Her company is a collaboration of professionals positioned to empower small and medium sized businesses to plan, strategize, organize, train, and improve processes to increase their financial bottom line.


In Omowale's new role, she will remain as the Chair to the Alamo City Black Chamber of Commerce, and will add more responsibility to her plate by advocating, researching and training Black businesses to increase their bottom line, TAAACC's mission.  


Omowale will replace Vice Chairman Horace Satisfield at the end of the year in the organization's  fourth quarter board of directors meeting.   The term of her new position is two years.   


Omowale joins Christopher Herring who is TAAACC's Chairman, and former President and CEO of the Alamo City Black Chamber of Commerce.  Herring adds, " It is significant Deborah will help me to lead the statewide organization.   She brings very strong leadership to the team.   We have worked well together to include our work with the Fair Contractor Association (FCC)."     Omowale told TAAACC's Board of Directors prior to elections that "I will do my best... I am proud and unapologetically Black.  I understand as a Black business owner that we have to do great work and fight to ensure we have a seat at the table with state procurement."    


Both Herring and Omowale look forward to the 2018 annual conference as it will join the list of Black national or statewide conferences coming to San Antonio for the city's Tricentennial Celebration. Herring adds, "we will mobilize our city, our resources, and put Black business as our focus to close 2018.   We look forward to pulling in the third TAAACC Board member representing the business community and the Alamo City, Mr. Donald Mooney, CEO of Nurses Etc.   I have appointed Tanisha Fuller-Felix, CEO of Tried & True Home Care Services, as TAAACC's Chair to the 2018 Annual Conference.   Our President, Mr. Charles O'Neal and I will work with the newly formed group to ensure our organization expectations are met."



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