Social Drinking and “Pachangas”

October 4, 2017


It has always been a tradition among Hispanics when having a “Pachanga” (Party in Spanish) to have loud music, food and libations of all kinds, or better said, more in a festive setting. A former Mayor of San Antonio in the mid Nineteen Fifties when asked about San Antonio Fiestas, he was quoted as saying “Hispanics always like having a Party.”


While this may have been a tradition among older Hispanics in the fifties, it has now become a major problem among young Hispanics and teens. However the problem is not limited to only Hispanics, but also teens of all nationalities. So much so that it has become a national problem.


Parents of teens and young adults have become enablers by hosting “Parties” and furnishing Beer and Alcoholic beverages of all kinds. It is not only Parents, but also Administrators of Universities who have allowed Fraternities to have binge drinking parties on Campus Dorms and Frat Houses. 


Having a Pachanga or Party does not mean that Beer or Alcohol has to be made available to the guests that are in attendance. 


Who of us would like to be responsible for any of our relatives or friends to be involved in an accident going home, or worst yet where a fatality occurs. There are many that become addicted to alcohol in all forms in growing up resulting with serious illnesses. Being an Alcoholic does not come overnight, it happens from the example adopted by others who have influence a young person. Of course there are many reasons for drinking! But there is no reason to expose a young person or teen to drinking at a home party, or event of any kind.

Due to the Underage Drinking problem in San Antonio and other major cities have cause Municipal Governments to adopt ordinances to combat this growing occurrences. San Antonio in particular, has adopted the Social Host Ordinance earlier this year.


This is the WHY part;


Of the Youth who were surveyed at an Alcohol Education Program for Minors results were:


• 69% are aware of fights occurring at Parties, or Pachangas

• 31% are aware of sexual assault at these Parties

• 63% are aware of driving or riding with someone who has been drinking


What does the Social Host Ordinance mean? It means that if you have Police show up at your door as a result of someone complaining, and those who have been arrested for whatever reason does not mean it ends there. The Host of the Party or Resident Property Owner will receive a Citation after the investigation of the incident. It will result in a Fine of $300.00 for the first offence, and $500.00 for the second offence.


So if you are going to have a “Pachanga or Party” and you are going to serve Alcoholic Beverages please know that Teen alcohol use kills 4,700 young people each year, which is more than all illegal drugs combined.


So don’t expose your kids to drinking, be a responsible parent. It begins with you!





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