Black Dime Piece

October 11, 2017


We are getting more into fall and holidays, yikes is it that time of year again?  There is a lot of money that is about to start circulating for the holidays, starting with Halloween costumes (even though that is not a major holiday) and you have the DIME power. 


It is and for anyone that may not particularly like the holidays, they help people smile a bit more as a community. 


At the Texas Association of African American Chambers of Commerce  they had the best speakers money could buy!  Next week we will have space reserved so  that you can get the knowledge for yourself.    William Michael Cunningham is the US economist that spoke about the heart of Black-owned businesses in the state of Texas.    He showed that the number of churches formed in the state should be doing much more to help and support the future of Black business success.  At the same time, TAAACC had  Dallas church pastor Rev Dr Kenneth D. Haynes of Friendship West Baptist Church who gave his speech "The Future is NOW".  How timely for a church pastor to address the reality of needing to create a new business community to reach our goals. I am encouraged to see how will they build on this message.  


In the meantime, circulating dollars into black-owned businesses is critical to our businesses—it enables them - us - to keep the doors open. The reinvestment of funds into black businesses presents not only an opportunity for those businesses but also gives them the ability to employ other African Americans.  


The purchasing power of African American consumers has reached $1.2 trillion, reports from the University of Georgia’s Selig Center for Economic Growth. "If we spent nine cents of our collective dollar with black-owned businesses we could employ every single man, woman, and child within the black community,” claims founder Brian Williams. “So, it only takes one dime to solve the unemployment problem. No marching. Not protesting.  No Al Sharpton. Intentionally spending our money with each other will impact our standard our living.”


I will let all of you know who wants your black dime because it's precious, remember the man who just stated that a couple sentences above.  If we have DIME power we have way more than that.  


Please remember- A DIME. Just a dime.  Put that dime strategically in the right hands, preferably black owned business hands. 


For those businesses who don't ask you to patron their store- keep your dime because it's worth a Trillion to you and not keeping it in the family is the problem.  Shop Black, spend Black.  


Let's fix our own community- because we can.




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