LEE to L.E.E.- Win the Battle but Lose the War ?

October 11, 2017


San Antonio - On the evening of October 9, 2017, the North East ISD Board of Trustees voted to change the name of Robert E. Lee High School.   The school board meeting was full with overflow on the third floor.  The audience of mostly Lee alumni supporters sat with great anticipation on the new name.   The school board seemed to rush to a name change after receiving over 


After the Board of Trustees spoke, it was clear one name was supported and rallied around that in essence would not really change the name.   The name proposed was LEE High School.   LEE High School would use the existing LEE name as an acronym.  The acronym stands for Legacy of Educational Excellence High School.    The Board members approved the school colors would remain red and gray, and the name Volunteers would continue.   


“Depending on the new name, the cost to the district could be extensive,” NEISD school board president Shannon Grona said. “The marquee, signs around campus, the end zone, all of the athletic uniforms, dance, cheer and band uniforms, etc. As a trustee, it is our responsibility to be fiscally responsible. We can minimize the number of things that need to be changed at the school.”


Board Members stated the Robert E. Lee statue and the references of the Confederacy would still be removed.  


It is not clear today that the "Legacy of LEE" will be able to creep back into the school over time.  Time will only tell.   What do you think about the name change?  Will the March 2018 elections play on the name change or lack of name change?  Was this a waste of tax payer dollars?   Did the Board treat the community poorly with its' accusations that the public continued to be very rude to them? 


See below for the school board meeting video and leave us your thoughts in the comments below.



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