SGT La David Johnson, Letter From The Editor

October 25, 2017


 Hi neighbors! I hope everyone had a fantastic week and it's getting cooler!  I know we can ALL agree that we do love that.  There are some great Halloween decorations going up all around D2 and we are excited to announce the winner ON Halloween, October 31st and feature your decorations while also paying that current winner's electric bill (not to exceed 150.00) and there is more.. a SPECIAL PRIZE:)  We all love prizes, presents, gifts whichever but look out for who takes the Halloween decorating crown in next week's issue.


I don't have all the space I need to write about SGT La David Johnson, who was one of four soldiers slain in Niger.  I watch every angle that can be put on a story and then it makes it clear, once you've seen them all, where the truth probably is.  Note the word 'probably'.  


One thing, or a couple things I personally know to be true is you NEVER leave a battle.  I am not referencing a fight or war or any thing that someone says they are battling, I am talking about your battle, your battle buddy.  In the Army (and no matter the branch of service) there is one thing you're taught- you can't even go to the bathroom WITHOUT a battle buddy.  It's all about security and you practice it even when out of war and in the states, you must have a battle.  This ingrains into your mental as second nature after a while and when you just get up to use the restroom you quickly stop and think "oh dang, I need a battle", and you get one. In every single training, in every single field exercise, in every single thing you do, there is a battle. The Defense Secretary had the following to say about SGT Johnson being left behind..


Defense Secretary James Mattis said on Thursday that the "US military does not leave its troops behind" but did not provide additional details into why the body of Sgt. La David Johnson was recovered nearly 48 hours after his 12-member team was ambushed by 50 ISIS fighters in Niger.


Bottom line is this, they needed to get out of the attack they got blindsided by and here comes 'another' pickup truck operated by contractors (non military employees) to get these soldiers out of danger, but one thing is missing when they load the soldiers to leave- SGT La David Johnson. He's not there.  


Please see our cover story this week as we shine as much light onto SGT La David Johnson, whom gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country.  Pray for his family and loved ones and their baby girl that is going to be here in 3 months.  




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