Undercovers- A Letter From the Editor

November 1, 2017

Yes there are two Judges appointed to the Robert Mueller Investigation with indictments handed down to those in the Trump Camp.  Of course this all happened before campaign time, yada yada yada.  Well we will let the judges decide that and Judge Deborah Robinson, a black woman judge appointed under the Obama era) will be a part of that decision as she hears the Manafort case.


This brings so many assumptions to fact.  When something smells fishy and with a lot of fish being fired out of the White House or just plain quitting as though they walked out on a shift at What-a-Burger, the fish got hooked- Manafort and buddies.  


As we try to keep up with everything in the news, yes we have to keep an uplifting tone as well because even the psychiatrists


of the nation are saying ever since Trump took office the depression in the United States is shocking.  Yes we can stay away from politics (I despise the word because it creates animosity before anything is ever said) but it is a real reality we live in and it touches us as an Eastside Community.  Is your health care card going to work tomorrow?  Are you allowed to travel?  Any bans in any states cautioning blacks to stay away?  Those are some of the atrocious things we've seen being done and have happened so in that case, I cannot turn a blind eye and just share with you every week a paper from front to back that is so happy because then I'm not doing my job- which is the news and the news is affecting real real life situations that touch the black community deeply.  Whether it's policy of just the tone of this administration on race, we must be informed.


I also think about how crooked people are, like bro, your in the White House- EVERYONE hears and sees what you do.  But then we have our own in our own backyards who aren't in the White House with Sarah Sanders to glaze over any questions, we are on the Eastside of San Antonio and words and actions travel fast.  They travel fast because we ourselves are so used to being cut short, or taken for a ride, or led on as to what is really happening.


Everyone has their 'crooked' business people who believe they can hide everything so well, I mean shoot if Manafort did it why can't little ol me?  Well there are a lot of little ol 'you's' on the Eastside and we know but, as Mueller, we take our time and when the research is done it's a fact based case.


I urge all of those who are in any type of leadership position, whether you own your own business, have a non-profit, ran for office, etc.. don't cook the books we can thaw them out.  Knowing who, even in your Presidential staff, is crooked or on the straight and narrow is ESSENTIAL to success of ANY type.


We need success here on the Eastside and there are some who want it only for themselves while others want it for the whole community.  We, would love it for the whole community.  We can turn a blind eye and say we're all friends or we can do our job and responsibility to the people in this community who should have all the information when things don't go right by the hands of one of their community leaders (whether elected or a leader in the community).  


Stay tuned as we work to complete the San Antonio's 'MANAFORT', if you'd like text or email updates when this story breaks please text EASTSIDE to 31996 or go to www.saobserver.com and sign up for our updates by email.


What is done in the dark will come to light- always remember that.


Councilman Shaw and his D2 Staff did their thing with Hallo-East this year, bringing out all the kids to enjoy free, fun and safe Halloween activities (see pictures and more as you turn the pages).  This was an event to remember, thank you to all who supported!


Now we are rolling in to Thanksgiving (it flies remember, before you know it there will be Valentine's Day stuff everywhere:) and it is a time for thanks.  Always know we have a million and one things to be thankful for and we, now more than ever, need to remember them each and every day and enjoy them to their fullest. While also making sure we know what is going on in this city, country and world as it is more important than ever now.


Until next week, be blessed and safe!



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