Up's & Down's- A Letter From The Editor

November 8, 2017

 It is always an exciting day when a new business opens in the community.  This week pay special attention to OnLive Hall of Fame Cafe as it's soft opening is, well- now:), and the grand sha-bang opening is this Saturday.  What to expect? Well, if you'd like to hear your favorite legendary artists at 10 or 11am or maybe 5pm after work when getting a bite to eat, this is your spot.  I am not sure, well yes I am sure.. I cannot think of one restaurant that is Motown themed throughout the whole day.  If there is one, I don't know about it but I do know about Hall of Fame Cafe' and I'm headed over there.  Next time you get the urge to get a reasonably priced good meal with some sounds, try the Blues Butter & Jazzy Jelly (ok yes that's for the kiddos) or the Grand Ole Oscars OR Joe's R&B Special.  With names like those meals, I'd say head on over you won't be disappointed.  


Our prayers and thoughts are with the community of Sutherland Springs, Texas, as the lives taken by a deranged individual inside Sutherland Baptist Church this past Sunday.  There will always be news and commentary on everything that happens in the world, that is the way we receive information.  But, we seem to be informing everyone a bit to often of the tragic things, it is unfortunate but we must be aware and whether it makes us feel good or not, knowledge is key.  


One thing I believe very strongly in the mental illness world is that these types of instances are not spoken of in the white families.  They aren't.  There is a missing narrative and it is that of the white family taking down the facade and asking for help, letting someone know, getting the individual the help they need before they take 25+ innocent children and adults with them.  I've seen too many times (and I'm sure you may have as well)  where it's ignored, it's glossed over for example-  "our son is just going through a phase",...  well the phase ended tragically and there was clue after clue. There are all types of families who have those within their homes who are suffering from a mental illness and need help.


We all can start noticing and letting others of influence know what is going on.  Do the right thing and help the person you know doesn't even know they need the help, you're not just saving their life these days.  These days, by helping one you may be saving dozens of innocent lives.  


Speak out, save lives.



** Let us all share this act of being aware and letting others know when something's not right!  



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