Racist Myth in the Building of America

November 15, 2017


Have you ever heard some politician, or fool for that matter, say, "America was built by rugged tough individuals that carved out a civilization out of the wilderness with individual effort and a strong desire to succeed”? This is the baloney that is taught in many schools, from elementary school to the university level. It is the false glue that holds some folks into a twisted understanding of history. The concept of individualism as is used in this context is full of racial, class, and gender holes. 


When America was founded slavery ruled the land. Slavery in America was introduced by the English in 1619, but even before that the Spanish were as guilty having introduced slavery to American shores in the 1500s. The type of slavery that was introduced is important to understand, for it was not slavery based on conquered victims of wars, but based on skin color. This is where the foolish get it wrong. Sure slavery existed everywhere at one time, but it was not based on skin color.


As white settlers moved to America the “American Dream”became the idea that you could become successful here because it was “the land of opportunity.” Despite attempts to ignore the ugly, that opportunity included slavery and stealing Native American land. The so-called American Dream was owning slaves and settling on land that was taken by force. The land was made profitable by stealing it from Native Americans, making them slaves as well, murdering those that refused to be slaves, and finally using blacks for the labor that created this nation. The whole idea that all white settlers built their own log cabin sand homes on the prairie all by themselves is ludicrous, and leaves out the plantations and the homes that were built by slave labor—not the lazy bum slave owner sitting on his front porch sipping tea and having a sweet chicken dinner! 


Let the propagandist historians tell it, only white men built this country. White women in colonial society were treated like slaves themselves and were forced to do the bidding of their husbands in both social and legal circles. Black women and “Indian” women were treated like animals in a more barbaric fashion. Still, these women cooked the food, worked the farm, raised the children, and were either ignored or treated like beasts. So now, tell me about how America was built by strong rugged white individuals who simply wanted a better way of life! Baloney!            


The idea that every European settlers built their own wealth, home, and farm all by themselves is racist, sexist, and classless, and hides itself in not understanding the role of slavery, land thievery, and oppression in building America into a world power. Some historians would have us believe the fairy tale that a bunch of settlers built up this country all by themselves. They leave out the issue of slavery because that would raise the issue of white settler domination. This is why they purposely leave out the term “white settler,” and use the neutral term “settler, “soas to give the impression that America was built by “our ancestors.” Whose ancestors? The slave owners or advocates of white supremacy? The lazy bum southern plantation slave owners?


What about the ancestors of those that came on slave ships, or the ancestors of those whose land was taken, or the ancestors of those women that were treated like animals? Oh! We are supposed to forget about that! We are supposed to forget about slaves and murdered “Indians,” but remember the “ambitious and great men that built America!” The tactic of avoiding looking at the “race” of these settlers is designed to erase black, women, and Native American contributions to this country. By not identifying the settlers as white, the game is set to falsely accuse those who want to tell the historical truth about the crimes of racism, of being racist, because they brought up the issue. This is the trick of those who have learned to lie with a straight face.


Well, I don’t know about you but I am not getting over it. We can’t get over it until the lies go away. Next time some idiot asks you to “get over it” tell them to get over the Alamo and shut the place down! Tell them to get over the South losing the Civil War and slavery being abolished. When they get over it we can get over it!  America was not built by freedom loving individuals but by barbaric acts of slavery, lynching, oppression, and from the dust of a civil war that allowed the states to continue committing acts of brutality under the scheme and phraseology of “States Rights.


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