The Crowned- A Local Up & Coming!

November 15, 2017



Texas has always had a reputation for being larger than life; big sky, big food, big hearts, and a big metal music scene. 


Continuing that tradition is The Crowned, a local band making big waves in the Texas metal scene and throughout the US, for good reason. 


Friday November 10th, the crowd was gathered for a epic birthday bash for bassist of the group Johnny Danger at Zombies Bar on Thousand Oaks, a home base hangout for metal fans in San Antonio. 


The group was formed in 2013, signed to the label Pavement Entertainment, and have engaged in widespread tours with major acts playing for thousands throughout their reign including HellYeah, Flaw, Soil, and many more.  



*This band is MEAN*


From the first chugging riff to the last, The Crowned showed that the metal scene in Texas and San Antonio is alive and well, and the band enjoys sharing their art as much as the fans enjoy experiencing the progressive sound they have honed over the years. The Crowned live is an experience not to be missed, and these boys prove they are indeed kings in the scene.

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