35 Years of Atomic Dog… A Day with George Clinton

November 22, 2017

The Father of Funk, Mr. George Clinton, visited the state of Texas and performed live in Austin at the Empire.   Clinton fits into the vibrant live music capitol of the world.   His notoriety as a musician has been widely celebrated to include his “Parliment-Funkadelic Mothership” being placed in the National Museum of African American History at the Smithsonian Museum.  Clinton was inducted into the Rock and Roll Music Hall of Fame, and has countless awards with BET, MTV, Rolling Stone Magazine and to include the NAACP Image Award.



Clinton continues to be very benevolent.  While in the city, he woke up early to meet his fans and spend time with his grandchildren.   After interviewing with KAZI 88.7 FM, taking pictures with the children at the station and conducting two more media interviews, Clinton was excited to spend time with the undergraduates of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc..   While most people have seen the relationship grow with the inception of Atomic Dog, George Clinton is not a member of the fraternity, he is a huge fan of “Black men doing so many positive things.”       


Clinton remains the visible icon of what Parliament music was, and is.  Clinton, now 76 years of age, today fits into a cultural of bling.    In the 1970s and 80s, Clinton was trendsetter in fashion and music.   Many musical artist have copied his style, and sampled his music.   Like Sly Stone, James Brown (the Father of Soul), Michael Jackson (the Father of Pop), and Aretha Franklin (Queen of Soul), Clinton created a new music form, Funk, which is the cornerstone of today’s Hip Hop and R&B.



Clinton, a big fan of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, coordinated a surprise visit to Huston-Tillotson University with approval of president Dr. Colette Pierce Burnette, Clinton visited the oldest college in Austin to meet with the undergraduates members of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc..   On the yard, the brothers greeted him warmly, and put on special step show, setting out hops to music created by Clinton.   The love and respect the two parties demonstrated was special.  Typically Clinton would perform and the audience would be his fans.  This time, Clinton smiled and was emotionally pleased as he saw the Omegas perform to his hit song – Atomic Dog.  Atomic Dog was released in 1982.  Clinton says “the song is more popular today than ever before…we are celebrating 35 years of this hit song”.   The nation’s oldest African-American fraternity founded on a Black College campus at Howard University, continues to enjoy George Clinton and his funk music.  Clinton says, “the way the Omegas move to my music – is an art form all by itself.”   He continued, “I wrote a special version of Atomic Dog for the Ques.   In fact, I have performed at their Grand Conclave in Los Angeles and all over the world wherever they ask me.   We have a great relationship!”   Clinton departed the university to attend an undergraduate cookout – he arrived smiling, taking pictures with the kids, enjoyed a piece of barbeque, and answered questions as he took more pictures with old fans and new fans.  The mostly Black students who lived near the college campus on the Eastside of Austin, were visibly impressed.  Hollywood came to their neighborhood!  


Clinton retreated briefly to his hotel room, only to show up on stage at 10PM to bring funk to a whole new level.  The sold out Empire screamed in adornment for Clinton as they enjoyed one of the best concerts of 2017.   2 hours later, Clinton ended his performance with Atomic Dog inviting an Omega friend to the stage to step and a few of the ladies in the audience to dance.  Clinton’s energy and showmanship remains unmatched.   Young artist should take note, Clinton showed Texas why he is the Gold standard. 



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