A Single Segregated Place!

November 22, 2017

 When one society conquers another through violence, there is a change in the conquered society’s culture that is aimed at the eventual extermination of the conquered people.  This was done in many countries. This change takes many forms, but there are some universal characteristics that can permanently change a culture for the worst. In America, Naive Americans were murdered and forced to speak English and forced on to reservations. In Mexico, native people were forced to marry lighter skinned Spaniards to “lighten Up” skin color. Mexico also tried to eliminate the African presence in the country by encouraging social uplift if your children were a lighter skin, which was to be accomplished by “marrying” black physical features out of existence. Blacks in America were forced to accept segregation and separation from the fruits of Americanism.


When one looks at the European conquest of North America we can see that Native Americans were treated as less than human beings.  Their way of life was shattered as European conquerors took away Native American language, religious beliefs, and cultural customs that gave Native Americans group pride.  Eventually, Native Americans would be forced onto reservations and introduced to alcohol by white racists, who sought to further destroy their proud heritage.  Today, Native Americans have problems with alcohol, drugs, and have yet to fully recover from the horrible effects of European conquest.  The same is true for African Americans as segregation and separation was the method on racist control.


Africans were brought here as slaves and eventually segregated into places that were bad for their health. At one point in history blacks were told to go to the country of Liberia, but that effort was a failure because Africans were already living there with their own culture completely different from the African American slaves being asked to leave. In fact, there was a rebellion of the native blacks in Liberia against blacks from America because of cultural differences. The Liberia effort of a separate country failed. Look at what Israel did! They took land that was did not belong to them and hence decades of war and devastation. White racists in this country are growing even angrier as millions of young whites are rejecting the ideas of white supremacy and making it difficult for them to rule. This system can be changed! 


White separatists put people of color into single segregated spaces so that they could be excluded from the opportunities of America. Segregation by neighborhood was done to control black and other non-white populations. I don’t agree that blacks were better off in a segregated situation, nor do I agree that integration solved the problem of white supremacy and control. They put black communities in flood zones, near toxic dumps, railroad tracks, and other areas that were the worst lands. If the American government ever granted blacks a separate country it would be no different. 


Today, with all of the racism being slammed down the throats of our young people, the black community faces a new struggle against neo-confederates, Trump clones, and other forms of racist aggression.  Without a fight the people of our community will ultimately become victims of a system that has sought to remove their cultural and political heritage from the formula that created this country. Over many years, various people have proposed separation as a solution, but this is folly at its best. I respect those that are seeking answers, but separation will not work.  


I don't have to be reminded about the strategy of a black state and separation, for I have heard these arguments hundreds of times and know from American History and World politics that an adjacent racist state will never, never allow a state of freedom to prosper or exist right next to them. Most blacks would never agree to be separated and segregated again, and have not done so even after all of the promotions for separation across hundreds of years. African Americans don’t agree with separation, because they feel that this country belongs to them as much as it does to anyone else, and will not abandon the struggle to make this an anti-racist, anti-fascist society, no matter how many setbacks or how long it takes. 


Those of us who fight for an anti-racist society will not stop until this country is completely changed. We will pass on this legacy of struggle to our children and grandchildren until victory over white supremacy is won.  Bexar County Health Collaborative observations have discovered a 20-year gap in life expectancy for people living on the East and West Sides of town. Life expectancy by zip code is a reality. Just think what they would do if they ever got blacks and others in a single segregated place again!



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