An Eastside Christmas Wish List

December 13, 2017





Stressing over the holidays?  Don't!  The stress is sometimes fun when you have too many holiday parties to attend or too many people to see, but the stress sometimes is the very opposite- sadness.  Many experience sadness, loneliness and so much more during the holidays.  Parents stress over gifts for kids and bills that don't stop just because it is December (wouldn't that be nice? December designated as a 'no bills' month:) but there are so many ways to be joyful and happy not only during this Holiday season but all year round.


It is especially hard to buy for teenagers- they want it all and all of it is a pretty price tag.  Don't over do it and go take out loans or payday loans to get this done- I did that many times in my very young years of being a single mom when that was the only answer and it satisfied that DAY and left my months ahead very HARD.  


There are so many community events that are free and will fill your schedule to the brim.  There are organizations and people in your community and around who want to assist.  If you need any kind of assistance during the holiday season please email your story and Christmas wish to:  


Anyone can submit a holiday wish story for anyone they know of that may just need a little extra help to make ends meet.  Don't take the hard 'money loan' way out- it seems easier but it makes it harder in months to come.  Send us your story and be sure to include your name and phone number for contact purposes to help a family/s that may need some holiday help but may not want to ask for it.


Make someone's holiday special by giving them the gift of love.  Love is the best gift when shown in action over speaking words.  So take action:  All Christmas wish list stories must be submitted to no later than December 18, 2017.


Spread the word and get those wish lists in for those who are in need.  If you do not have access to email please don't hesitate to call our office at 210.212.NEWS (6397).


Let us all remember that the hustle and bustle is this way every year, let us enjoy it and all the festivities it brings.  Smile more, laugh more, and we know we will definitely eat more! :)  But we can worry about those few pounds at New Years, right? Right!  Enjoy and take it all in, life is short but memories last forever.


Lots of love to all of our Eastside Community, this is our home, these are our families and this Holiday let us make it special for someone who may not think it's so special this year.  That is why we are here, to help others, to give and to love.  If we all possess that just a tad bit more the world will change.


Let it be love and actions of love that make this holiday season the brightest.





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