The Start of the Political Process

December 13, 2017

            Commissioner Calvert shakes hands with Bexar County Democratic Chairman Manuel Medina


There are many great leaders in the City of San Antonio, but this one is 

crème de la crème from all of his great work in his current term as County Commissioner.  The start of the political process has begun and on Monday late afternoon, Commissioner Calvert jumped into his re-election campaign held at the San Antonio Democratic Headquarters.  


As the only African American Bexar County Commissioner we know we have someone of us and for us to represent us.  We wish Commissioner Calvert all the success during his campaigning and the final road to victory in 2018.


                     Visit Facebook to Watch Commissioner Calvert's video below:




The black vote is an important one, one that many discount.  Mayor Ron Nirenberg flipped all outskirts of the eastside that who once voted for Ivy Taylor went with Nirenberg the last election.  Many leaders and the new ones running for public office of this city will hopefully be asking for the black vote seeing that factually- it can change the whole outcome.  Mayoral race showed how important the black vote is and CAN BE.


Pay special attention to who you see in your area, when I say your area I mean the billboards you see, the signs you see, the ads you see in the publications you read.  Those running in upcoming 2018 elections who want YOUR vote, WILL ask for it.  Make sure they do.




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