Jordan's 'Jasmines'

December 20, 2017

Will Michael Jordan’s Net Worth Increase As Daughter Adds ‘Jasmines’ To Shoe Brand?


If you know of Michael Jordan’s shoe brand, you know its net worth is still increasing. Now, Daughter Jordan enters with her Jasmine design. Do you think her design will improve upon Jordan’s net worth and demographic reach?


Since 1985, Michael Jordan has been raking in money from his brand via his Nike deal. There are over 40 types of Jordans that have been available throughout the years, not to mention the new deals surfacing with fellow basketball athletes.


It seems as though there’s no plan to discontinue what works. Michael Jordan’s daughter, Jasmine Jordan, has designed an interesting addition to the Jordan brand. Likewise, Jasmine has decided to name them after herself.


Though Jasmine has designed this shoe within Michael’s brand, apart from her father, Daughter Jordan wishes to set her own path in life. According to her Twitter and Instagram, Jasmine’s posts reflect that she’s her own woman and doesn’t wish to be defined by her father’s success.


 Jasmine’s designs include those of her own as well. Via her Instagram, it can be seen that she clearly states, “I am not Michael. I am Jordan.” While many celebrity sons and daughters tend to gain status by parental association, Jasmine doesn’t want that.


Along with making her own name, Jasmine lives her life like many others as a down-to-earth individual. She even attends college at Syracuse University and is majoring in Sports Management.


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