The Talk of Diddy & Omarosa

December 20, 2017

The last weekend is upon us, well 3/4 of one, to get the shopping and hustle done.  Stores close early on Sunday for Christmas Eve so make sure you have the essentials, you know like food and lots of it:)!  We all get a pass during the Holidays right?  Right!  Eat up and enjoy the fellowship during this wonderful holiday with friends and family.  Merry Christmas Neighbors!



With so much going on the last thing I didn't see coming down the pipes was an opening for a Black owned NFL team.  That's right ya'll, read our cover story and see how when black money is used there is power.  When black people come together there is power.  Why wouldn't the NFL want to diversify their organization?  Well, a lot of people say the white will never let it be right. And that is true in a lot of organizations, we will see if the NFL is one of those organizations.  One thing we need to remember now more than ever is that WE have a SAY.  We fought for statues and school names, building names to come down- they are down.  When we come together and speak our voices we will be heard.  


So, use your voice on social media- we need black owners in all facets of the corporate world.  You see how it happened on the Riverwalk when it comes to black owned businesses?  There are none.  Do we think it just so happened to pan out that way, NO.  Tony G's got really close to the hustle of downtown but they didn't let that last long either, landlords, city, whoever it doesn't matter.  What matters is they push away any black ideas for the Riverwalk and Diddy is on it with his message- TIME FOR BLACK OWNERSHIP, let's go Diddy!!

Omarosa, girrrllllll.  You cannot pick the other side and then cry white tears when they kick you back to black.  You forgot you were black when you picked the side, my take?  You picked the side now you want to flip the script and nobody thinks anything other then "her again?" your washed up and your a sellout.  We know on the Eastside how to see a sellout coming a mile away and you got it down pat!  So don't cry now, you made your bed- lay in it.


We all need to remember the game of chess, it's not the move you make and what is creates at that moment it is what it will create 5 moves down the line.  Omarosa- you didn't think 5 steps down the line so thank you for showing your true colors, you stay on the sellout list because you chose it.  How do you come back from that?  Not sure you can, I mean anything is possible but man Omarosa you have some serious soul searching to do.  Are you black?  Just saying.



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