2017 or 2018?

December 27, 2017


It has been a wonderful November and December when Thanksgiving came again and we were into the full swing of the Holiday Season- and we still are!  New Year's may be the wind down day SLASH clean up day, but this year take it easy and enjoy it.  The one thing I realize I did not do much of last year was enjoy it and I mean truly enjoy it.  Yes of course I had a good year and so many great things happened (and not so many great things) but I was moving too fast to enjoy it.  Going into 2018 I want to enjoy all the things from little to big, from just a good cookie to watching highschool basketball games to birthdays and friends and family time and marriage.  One very important thing I have been told this year over and over again is "There is no sense worrying about the things you have no control over"  I was blessed to have an overly wise woman come into my life who has taught me very important life understandings (I just made that a category- 'life understandings' :).  Understanding life is well- HARD.  We try to digest things that are happening, we try to fight for what is right, we see stuff happening that we know we have the answers to to stop yet we keep trying and sometimes we are not heard or taken seriously.  When you sit back and tell yourself, "I can not worry about the things I have no control over", you find some peace and the time you need to enjoy what is around you and uplifting to your spirit and your meaning here in life.  Understanding life and taken stressors out of the mix where the don't belong is your duty this new year.  We need to enjoy yet still be involved, still care but enjoy and know that in the end it is all God's plan and not one of us can change it we can only do what we can then we must give it up to God.


We have a lot of work to do D2 and we are starting with the MLK March, Elder Otis Thompson has spent TIRELESS hours trying to get everyone's attention and this man has a plan, and it is a good plan!  I traveled to Atlanta this summer and stopped at the house Martin Luther King Jr., was born at.  Today it is a tourist spot where it is patroned by people of all color from all walks of life and from all over the globe.  Guess where they go right after they tour the home?  To eat.  To shop.  To see more history, now with all this history on the East Side we shovel people to the riverwalk and the missions?  That is great because honestly there is nothing touristy over on the East for tourists to see because it is all half way done, left undone, or no done at all.  This year, 2018 we fight to get on the San Antonio map of not being the red headed step child.


I'm ready everyone let's do it and make 2018 great!  Happy New Year to all of you we appreciate your dedicated readership and support all of these years.  As we closely embark upon our 25 year mark in business, we consider this paper your paper, it's your community and your paper.  If at any time the Observer can help be a platform for your voice, initiative, event, etc.. call us at 212.NEWS and we are here to help.  Much love neighbors!

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