One Horrible Day

December 27, 2017



Juan Seguin and Sam Houston Were Brutal Slave Owners


The Battle of San Jacinto was a horrible day by black people in Texas. With the defeat of Mexico and Santa Anna,black slaves were to be returned to their owners. During the time of the Battle of the Alamo, Mexico had abolished slavery and everywhere Santa Anna went he freed slaves much to hatred of Sam Houston, David Crockett, Jim Bowie, Jose Antonio Navarro, and Juan Seguin. Sam Houston had plotted with Andrew Jackson to rip Texas away from Mexico in order to create a slave state. When Mexico was defeated, Sam Houston ordered Texas rebels to mount up and begin the process of capturing slaves that the Mexican army had freed. One of his chief slave catchers was Juan Seguin, a man that is falsely idolized as a Texas hero when in fact he was a ruthless protector of slavery.  


Juan Seguin was very light in skin color and thought of himself as white. Being identified as a Tejano is a joke in that the vast majority of Tejanos were of Indian heritage. Juan Seguin was ordered by Sam Houston to hunt down runaway slaves and return them to Texas slave owners. Juan Seguin’s father had a long reputation of fighting to protect the institution of slavery because of his financial interests in the slave business. According to Dr. Phillip Tucker, in America’s Forgotten First War for Slavery and the Genesis of the Alamo (2017), “Seguin’s Tejano family was one of the wealthiest families in the San Antonio area, owning large acreage, slaves, and even a cotton gin.” 


In following his orders from the slave master Sam Houston, Seguin tried to threaten Mexican army officials with violence if they did not return black slaves to Texas slave owners. The Mexicans refused, and thus many blacks were saved from the clutches of racist Texas officials. When Mexico was forced to surrender after the Battle of San Jacinto, these Texas slave owners tried to force Mexico to return many blacks that were now fighting for the Mexican side. After the Battle at San Jacinto, some black Mexican soldiers were captured and sold on the auction block in Texas and in New Orleans. However, Mexican soldiers refused to return many blacks over to Sam Houston and his racist patriots. Many blacks were hidden from capture after the war as Mexican soldiers refused to tell slave hunters were the blacks were hiding. As a result many African American slaves followed the defeated Mexican army south, and across the border to freedom where their ancestors still live.


After the defeat of Mexico, Galveston turned into one of the busiest slave blocks and market after New Orleans. The new Texas constitution declared that “All persons of color who were slaves for life, previous to their emigration to Texas, and who are now held as bonded servants or otherwise, shall remain in the like state of servitude in which they would have been held in the country from which they came.” Slavery became entrenched in Texas as a result of Mexico losing the war. The Battle of San Jacinto was a sad day for black people and yet we are supposed to celebrate this false history. Slavery flourished and grew in Texas as a result of the Battle of San Jacinto and should not be celebrated by any decent minded person.


Tom Blue, a black slave, and the coachman for Sam Houston, escaped the brutal system of slavery by running away to Mexico. In fact, many Texas slaves escaped from the nightmare of Sam Houston and Juan Seguin. Tucker reported that by 1850 “around 3,000 blacks had escaped Texas slavery to find their freedom in the mixed-race Republic of Mexico.” The Texas revolt against Mexico had nothing to do with freedom and everything to do with slavery and cotton production. All of the false history about the Battle of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto is being revealed as a complete package of lies. The Texas creation story had everything to do with slavery and the southern slave interests that would not stand for a state on the Louisiana border in which blacks were free. 


For the record, Sam Houston owned slaves and they were,Joshua, Jeff, Aunt Lisa, Esaw, Aunt Mary and her daughters Mary and Creasy, and Tom Blue. Tom Blue escaped from Sam Houston and gained his freedom in Mexico. The so-called Father of Texas, Sam Houston, was a racist slaver that worked with racists in southern states, Andrew Jackson, Juan Seguin, land thieves, and Wall Street crooks to bring slavery to Texas. Blacks at the Alamo were freed by Mexican troops. The declaration of Texas independence from Mexico was a horrible day for blacks in Texas.



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