January 3, 2018


Freedom without independence is not freedom



As black people we spend more than 1.23 trillion dollars a year in the U S economy, and most of it is spent with non-black businesses. The Freedom Givers campaign movement is an effort to create capital to invest in Black America. Join us this Black History Month as we lead the way towards cultural independence for future generations. Our ancestors fought, bled and died for the freedom we enjoy today. But I fear that this freedom is under attack by the current administration. As many may know, we’ve been talking about the need to come together in unity, but we never take actions as a culture to put a plan in place where we all can contribute to and benefit from. When we take control of our money and start investing in our people, racism and discrimination will no longer matter, because we will no longer have to depend on other culture’s resources for our survival.


My vision for use of the funds raised is to set up the African American Capital Reserve Institution. Through the institution we can support black farmers and ranchers to grown our food. We can create a market in predominately black communities where farmers and rancher can send their product for distribution to the people. Through this institution we can set up culturally owned credit unions and make loans for homes, cars, business start-ups and education. We must also set up a major legal defense fund to protect our students, senior citizens and the poor against racism and discrimination  in the classroom and workplace.


It’s not about me, it’s about us. Some people are saying that all I’m trying to do is put money in my pockets, and in a sense they’re right. But I can help other people without helping myself. I ask those people to break the chain of Willie Lynch, stop promoting false black power, and get with the plan. For this plan to be successful, I’ll need a steering committee for planning and meeting our goal. For this plan to be successful we’re calling on black people all over the country to make a once a year donation of just $25.00 or more. If just 10% of our population does this, we could raise over a hundred million dollars a year to invest. I’m calling a meeting of the minds to a roundtable discussion either on January 13th at Ollie Ruth Southern Kitchen, located 8014 Cross Creek, at 11:30am.


I can’t wait til we can go to the energy companies and tell them we want to purchase a million dollars worth of their blue chip stock.


Yours in the struggle,


Chuck Slaughter, Founder

African American Capital Reserve Institution.















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