Lose 100lbs- No Exercise

January 3, 2018

Happy 2018 and happy 300th birthday to our city- San Antonio!  It was a freezing night out downtown at the Hemisfair Park but crowds hung in there until the countdown and rang on the New Year cold but excited!


There are a lot of new resolutions we may have made and now is when it’s THE hardest.  Whether you want to be a healthier you or just are aiming for no curse words hang in there!  It’s not fun at first with anything new that is change and difficult but there is a sliver of motivation.  Some may not know that the magic number is 22.  Many studies have been conducted that show a new venture (if done everyday) takes 22 days to become a habit.  22.  So basically when things get rough and you think you can’t hang in there remember 22.  If you just can at least get to day 22 that is half the battle, and who wouldn’t want to;).



In 2016 I lost 100 pounds in one year.  No typo it’s true.  I was only 35 and DONE with being fluffy!  So I found a way without exercising that literally had weight falling off of me.  After the first month it was then at the point where if I saw a piece of cake my stomach turned at the thought of it- it was not appetizing.  See I had reset my reset button and my body only craved good food.  My favorite snack- mozzarella with basil and tomatoes with a smidgen of olive oil- yes I’m Italian but it’s also the best taste for such a healthy snack/meal and very inexpensive.

I will be writing up my 100 pound weight loss and how I did it with pictures to keep you going if In fact that is your goal. A lot of stuff falls into place when the weight falls off, health, beauty, happiness etc.

I look forward to 2018 with all of our Eastside neighbors! Let’s go!


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