We Won't Ever Pass up MLK Day!

January 10, 2018

As we embark upon another year to honor the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. next Monday on his birthday and what will be our annual MLK day and the largest march in the nation.  Throughout this week's issue please note the community calendar with tons of MLK Dreamweek events and so many which are free.  There are so many people within our community whom carry out MLK's dream by continuing his legacy. 


Those who inspire peace, love, unity and demand the equality that the whites were born with due to the color of their skin.  Some may not still understand white privilege and it's not for us to make them understand we have bigger fish to fry by making sure we rise above while shooing away those racists or naysayers.


OUR Eastside is beautiful, OUR Eastside is real community, OUR Eastside is real neighbors, and OUR Eastside will still stand no matter the adversities we face, no matter how many people tell us 'we'll pass on the opportunity to support the Eastside" (yes I received that email in black and white 9 times from a huge organization we all throw money too and beg them to take it) but remember 'they'll pass'.  Well Dr. King didn't pass on his feelings of equality because he did not want to cause upset he did what was right and as Dr. King has always been known to say is, "In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends" - Dr. Martin Luther King.



Rejoice in his life, carry on his legacy each and every day as we have so much to honor him for as his life was selfless and genuine.  We look at those this week who have have the same protest as Dr. King would and carry out their protests with love, silence, and steadfast commitment.  


This week we gear up as we honor the King- Dr. Martin Luther King through DreamWeek events and The nation's largest march next Monday on MLK Day!


Spread love not hate, but remember speak truth although truth may hurt it is better than a lie.  If someone doesn't want to hear the truth they probably shouldn't of done what they did.


Until next week neighbors.


-Stephanie, Editor & Publisher



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