MLK COMMISSION AWARDS- A Political Strategy?

January 17, 2018

Just this Monday we celebrated Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's. life and legacy during MLK Day as a large part of our city made it a day on instead of a day off.  I like how former President Obama stated in a tweet saying that King is a 'permanent inspiration',, that is the words I would look for if I had half the IQ of the former President.  Permanent Inspiration is exactly right.  I am happy for all who came out and joined in the March (no- it was not the 50th march it was the 50th year since Dr. King's assassination) on Monday with thousands of others.  Special "WOW" to USAA this year, it was kind of like USAA just moved their work building to the Eastside to participate in the march.  

My only negative comment has to do with the MLK Commission Awards.   


The top two awards were the MLK Award and the Rev Callies Award for Courage.    The winners respectively were Ivy Taylor (MLK) and Tony Gradney (Callies).  The awards appeared to be political recognition - these are the whispers I heard.   Also I have never seen any news clips for our former Mayor supporting Blacks or Black issues on the Eastside.    In her cabinet she fired anyone that resembled Black to win the White vote.    I just haven't seen what her MLK legacy was...    If being the first elected Black mayor is important or recruiting for the NAACP Conference is important, then maybe I am wrong.    But when you look at Legacy projects that are a true symbol of progress - that's what I am interested in learning about and seeing people recognized for.   

















For I remember, Ivy Taylor lost the East Side vote to Ron Nirenberg.     If Ivy did all the great things of Dr King, why did she lose her own community vote?   We will take your feedback online with her selection as the MLK Award recipient.    Last comment for the Rev Callies Courage Award...for instance, I can tell you Otis Thompson's work on the East Side has been 100% courage.  100% sacrificial.   He is persistent to fight for the community and not personal contracts.   No Otis didn't build a business - or manage someone's political campaign, but what he has done is been persistent to fight for the Eastside community in protest and in plans.   


Courage is a huge word - please share if the right people were recognized.  It seems the MLK Commission can scrap their committee as they never identify with the real people views of the Eastside community.    Hit our Facebook and LinkedIn pages and tell me if I'm right or if I'm wrong.      Again I look forward to what you have to say online.     Thank you to all who came out and celebrated or whatever part you played- you are important.  


And still we will March and we will speak out and we will be heard.


"I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." - Dr. King




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