Oversight Needed for Sheryl Sculley

January 17, 2018

Councilman Brockhouse: City Council Needs More Oversight of City Manager




SAN ANTONIO (Jan. 10, 2018) — The City Council is in the process of evaluating the annual performance of City Manager Sheryl Sculley (the City Clerk and City Auditor are also under evaluation). In preparation for his scheduled meeting with the Mayor for feedback, Councilman Brockhouse asked for prior job performance evaluations, to include performance documentations, bonus criteria evaluation, and goal-setting performance expectations for upcoming year.


Unfortunately, it was reported that no documentation exists at City Hall or Human Resources detailing the City Manager’s performance, growth opportunities, or bonus evaluations and criteria for her entire tenure with the City.


Councilman Brockhouse had the following comments after offering his feedback to the Mayor on the lack of documentation on the Manager’s performance:


“During my meeting with Mayor Nirenberg I offered my grave concerns regarding the total lack of documented oversight of the City Manager. Aside from the obvious breakdown in Human Resource Management, this lack of historical oversight is unacceptable and embarrassing, considering the responsibilities of the City Manager and her compensation. Taxpayers deserve better. 


Councilman Brockhouse offered the Mayor the following feedback:   Identify and utilize a standard performance expectation template for the City Manager (including the City Clerk and City Auditor).    Implement the performance process this evaluation cycle and mandate its use by the City Council.   Create a records retention process so Council members can evaluate prior year goal-setting for end of year evaluation.  All levels of City employees should be held to the same standards of human resource management and performance expectation documentation.”




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