We Shall Over Come….

It was evident, the 2018 City of San Antonio MLK March united its citizens under LOVE showing off generations of families and community leaders expressing their gratitude to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  

Being interviewed by KROV and FOX29, Rev. James Amerson, Pastor at St Paul Square United Methodist Church indicated for the city to continue the work of King.  He said, “we must continue to Love” as the homework assignment after the nation’s largest march.   March organizers have estimated up to 300,000 marchers in previous years. 


Amerson, a native of Denver Heights, may have reflected on the tension created because of the nation’s president calling Africa a S***hole while also condemning the people of Haiti.      Marchers polled indicated being greatly bothered by the visible racism on display at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC.  One marcher said, “I wish we had Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr to lean on today.”  


 Rev. Dr. King's work resulted in the most meaningful civil rights legislation since the ending of slavery.  And while Dr. King was by no means the only leader of the civil rights movement, however his name, above all others, is associated with the greatest change in our history.


We Believe… there is no question that Rev. Dr. King was an uncommon influence at a critical time. The America of the late 1950s and early 1960s was deeply divided, struggling to determine what kind of nation it was going to be. The brilliance of Rev. Dr. King was that he did not spend his time convincing the powerful to be moral, but rather he convinced the moral of their power.



The Civil Rights Act did not become law because politicians in Washington voted for it. It became law because the people, in every city and state, demanded it. It was the fruit of the labors of the protesters, the organizers, the union workers, the teachers, the students and the activists. It was made real in churches and synagogues, in community centers and around kitchen tables. The many were able to wrestle power from the few through a unified, peaceful, but RELENTLESS demonstration of will.

We Shall Over Come… Rev. Dr. King inspired millions of people to know that their acts, their choices, their prayers and their sacrifices would result in great things.

Today, America is challenged.

Once again as a moral people, it will be your voices, your choices and your sacrifices

 that will ensure that we do not fail. We may not have a 2018 version of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but his words of love endure.   What Martin said back then is still applicable now,  “No matter the challenge, the unified, peaceful but RELENTLESS will of the many still availeth much.”   Indeed, it can even make America … greater than it has EVER been.


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