Do Black Americans Approve of Trump?

January 24, 2018


President Donald Trump bragged on Twitter that his approval rating with black Americans has doubled. It hasn't.


Only 15% of black Americans said they approved of Trump's job performance in the days following his inauguration last January — and it's only gone downhill from there. In the most recent Gallup weekly numbers, only 6% of black Americans said they approved of the President's job performance.

The most recent CNN polling, from December, shows that only 3% of black Americans said they approved of how Trump is handling his job nearly a year into his White House tenure. A whopping 91% said they disapproved.

But that didn't stop Trump from tweeting on Tuesday morning that his approval among black Americans had doubled. "Unemployment for Black Americans is the lowest ever recorded. Trump approval ratings with Black Americans has doubled. Thank you, and it will get even (much) better!" he wrote.

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