January 31, 2018


James Corden Responds to Nikki Haley’s Grammys Criticism


Corden Wonders What a Nonpolitical Grammys Would Be Like

Members of the Trump administration on Monday criticized the Grammy Awards for featuring Hillary Clinton in a comedy bit. In it, she read a sensational excerpt from “Fire and Fury,” the White House tell-all. James Corden, who hosted the Grammys, fired back on the “Late Late Show” on Monday, specifically addressing Nikki Haley, the ambassador to the United Nations, who denounced the Grammys’ political moment in a tweet.




“I guess Nikki only liked the other nonpolitical parts of the Grammys. You know, Kendrick Lamar’s performance about police violence, or U2’s performance about immigration in front of the Statue of Liberty. You know, lighthearted, nonpolitical stuff.” — JAMES CORDEN


“Well, Nikki Haley, you can tell your boss, some of us love politics without the Twitter meltdowns thrown in.” — JAMES CORDEN






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