January 31, 2018


Sometimes in life things can get a little out of hand and the best thing to do at that moment is have a seat.  Meaning- slow down, regroup, and head into the RIGHT direction.  Some people understand that and some do not... at least not yet.




We broke the news last week on East Central School District and their High School (East Central) last week with our story, SEX, DRUGS, & BASKETBALL.  It never stops there, ever heard of that saying about the worms?  Well, it seems that we have opened a can of worms as the stories, the calls, the emails from parents to our office pleading for help keep coming (I just hung up from an hour call 10 minutes ago from a Volleyball parent and she now will have a voice).  


But there is one email that I just was jaw dropped on and that is our front cover story this week.  I am truly bewildered at this administration.  Your all in education yet no one can offer ANY help to this parent?  It ends more HORRIFIC for the child then a damn Steven King book ending.  This family will be heard and they are being heard right now.


I will say one last thing in regards to East Central HS.  A few rotten apples doesn't ruin the bunch, you have people who CARE at EC, Mr. McKay (Principal), Mrs. Ashley Cholis (District Admin), ECISD Chief of Police George Dranowsky and his staff, Ms. Townsend (Art Teacher), Mrs. Zeithammel (Head Counselor) and so many more but those came to mind off the top of my head.  I also want to add that this publication has ran several stories on East Central Athletics on top of donating $1,200 to the Girls Varsity Basketball team last year for shoes.  We didn't do that for thank you's or notoriety because the first anyone is hearing of it is right now- right now when it's important for the readers of all news to know what is real and what is not, and what is biased and what is not. 


This publication supports the right thing and does not support the wrong thing.  Sometimes the truth may hurt and the only people upset with these allegations towards EC HS Athletics are the ones speaking out on social media that these are all lies or trying to cover up more lies by automatically inserting themselves into a defensive stance.  Your defensive stance won't be tolerated because these are our children, and they do not always know right from wrong or I should say they don't always choose the right way to go but we as adults must refocus them onto the right path.  What we as adults do MUST do, is to listen to your kids when they ask for help as so many parents brushed off the cries for help from their daughters who ever came into contact with Larry Nassar in the sport of Gymnastics.


Pray for the students, pray for the staff, and pray that the administration does the right thing. 


ECISD- We are not asking you to strategize, make a back room plan, sweep anything under the rug.  We are asking for swift action of doing the RIGHT THING.


Remember to vote everyone, and right now we need a NEW ECISD Board so take note of who is running and if you vote in that district vote for change!



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