1st War of Slavery

February 14, 2018


Without the romance and myth, and looking at the importance of slavery and the Mexican abolition of slavery in 1829, the largely pro-slavery Texas settlers and the Republic of Mexico were headed for war. Massive support in terms of arms, supplies, and men poured into Mexico secretly and often openly to support the southern push to remove free territory from a U.S. border. Thus, it is my belief that the 1835-1836 Texas revolution was actually America’s war in support of slavery. Texas was the last frontline for black slavery by slave holding interests. Between 1821 and 1865, the slave system of the South spread over the eastern part of Texas. Slavery thus linked Texas with the old Southern traditions of slave owning. Slave owners, and poor whites seeking to become slave owners, flooded into Texas from Louisiana and other states and were able to secure loans for arms and supplies with Andrew Jackson’s blessings. Hence, most of the fighters for Texas independence were simply criminals and mercenaries looking for money, land, and slaves. 


Stephen F. Austin made this clear in 1824: “The principal product that will elevate us from poverty is cotton,” he wrote, “and we cannot do this without the help of slaves.” Help is hardly the word.  Because we have been inundated with false history about Texas it is no wonder why the true intentions of slave owner Sam Houston are never talked about. Houston was a schemer who sought to create a slave empire in Texas (then Mexico) long before he ever came here. Houston became like a son to Andrew Jackson, one of the most racist presidents in American history. Jackson was an extremist expansionist and a large slave owner. He was supportive of Texas settlers precisely for this reason. He helped to supply arms and men to fight Mexico, in violation of America’s Neutrality Laws. Jackson looked the other way as massive amounts of weapons began flowing into settler’s hands.


Jackson believed in “Manifest Destiny,” which claimed that the murder and removal of Native Americans from their homelands was somehow approved by God. Manifest Destiny also supported the enslavement of black people in order for wealthy planters to become even richer and to expand the U.S. borders with the aim of expanding slavery. Texas settlers, mostly from slave holding states, wanted to create a slave empire in Mexico. The Texas Revolution of 1836 would be but another war to enshrine slavery and push the boundaries of the United States toward the Pacific Ocean. Andrew Jackson had a desire to rip Texas away from Mexico as did Sam Houston. In fact, and according to Dr. Phillip Tucker, America’s first war for slavery was the Battles with Mexico, including the Battle of the Alamo and San Jacinto. All of this would be proven when Texas entered the Union as a slave state. 


Andrew Jackson plotted to sneak Sam Houston into Texas as an “Indian Agent.” This is how he was connected with the Cherokee. This cover was only a disguise that was aimed at creating a violent fighting force to perpetuate the institution of slavery upon Mexico. Pro-slavery men from across the United States crossed into Mexico for the express purpose of bringing in slaves in violation of Mexican law. This war was lead in part by the future Black president of Mexico Vicente Guerrero. In 1824, after Spain was defeated, the Mexican Congress passed laws that ended the slave trade. The white settlers, all from the southern slave owner states, flooded into Texas and ignored Mexican law. 


Mexico had a fragile government that was not able to implement the laws against slavery. This was the opening that Houston, as an agent of Andrew Jackson and the southern slave owners, needed to foment war using the very 1824 Constitution to accomplish their slave designs. When Santa Anna abolished the 1824 Constitution, the Texas settlers used it because it never enforced the abolition of slavery. This is why many racist (or ignorant) Texas historians claim that the Texas settlers were fighting for the restoration of the 1824 constitution—really simple, the 1824 Constitution did not enforce an end to slavery. This is the part they leave out when claiming that these slave-owning Texans were fighting for freedom. They were fighting to rip Texas away from Mexico and create a slave society. All of these Texas so-called heroes were part of this grand scheme led by Sam Houston and Andrew Jackson. The long and short of it is that Andrew Jackson and Sam Houston schemed to rip Texas away from Mexico because of Mexico’s anti-slavery attitudes. They also wanted to eliminate a free country that had a border with the slave state of Louisiana. 



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