February 14, 2018

Accountability is all that I believe we all want and as the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the San Antonio Observer I continue to seek that for those who may not have a voice or do not know where to turn.   A few weeks back, you read "Sex, Lies and Basketball".  East Central High School, in that article, that we reported on, lost a teacher/coach who was implicated in the article because we demanded accountability.  The truth exposes bad people and bad actors.   


Today, I am still picking my jaw up from off the ground in reference to the news we shed light on, #METOO, for a Fire Chief and Fire Marshall, in Universal City, Texas continues to inflict direct pain and indirectly impacts women in a negative way.  The bells, whistles, sirens, and all the screams are being heard loud and clear across our nation - but the Fire Chief of Universal City and the City Manager are very silent, as an "investigation" continues.   But how long do victims wait?   Speaking to the victims, reports of the Assistant Fire Chief were provided to his employer since October 2017.  What in the world is happening where a person accused of violence and domestic violence continues to get a free pass?  If #CNN asked the question of accountability, what would the citizens of Universal City, Texas say about a leadership team that condones violence against women? I've always heard 0 tolerance but I also know I had to report abuse and the SAPD unit told me to come back in a week to make sure I was 'serious' and then they would decide if they would do anything.  I went back and they told me, sorry your case wasn't part of the percentage of cases we chose to take. Wait, what?  Soooooo, you are telling me to just go home?  Yes that's what SAPD does and they do it to children too, I watched it happen.  


Here is the thing that blurs my mind to no avail, where are our leaders?  Members of your community (SAN ANTONIO) had to relocate themselves, their jobs, their children to escape this man and no one says anything?  Well in my mind, these victims live/lived in San Antonio, so how does Mayor Nirenberg sit back and say nothing to protect his own community?   Other neighboring cities are allowing their leaders to enter your community Mayor and beat up women and we thought this was a city for all.  No, it's a city for the politically correct who don't want to take a stand or rock the politcal boat.  Well, fine so who should these victims go to? The SAPD unit you just said the other week has not been doing their jobs correctly in these cases?  Everything I am writing here is true and a lot of people won't like it but I won't lay silent on these women who've reached out for help and no one has helped them.  I will let them be heard and I will give them their platform they so rightfully deserve.  The San Antonio Observer stands beside women of domestic abuse- the facts are out there and have been presented according to what we can release.  I myself have validated other photos of evidence that has been submitted to Universal City by the women as well.


I ask the question as a person who served in our nation's military.  With a military base, Randolph Air Force Base, down the street from Universal City, why is there deafening silence for a fire chief who has been proven to be a liar?   Why is he carrying a gun, as a privilege of being a Peace Officer when he disrupts peace for women above all?


Accountability is shedding light on a problem with an action that corrects the behavior.  By now, Fire Chief Stephen Darnell, should have apologized and asked for some form of forgiveness.  By now, the City Manager should have had an open conversation about the behavior alleged to the press.  In this issue, we bring yet another victim who had to call the police on Darnell back in 2001... she is African American.  She used the hashtag #METOO.  


Why aren't we screaming at the top of our lungs about the injustice these women have faced?    Is it because, he works hard and has impressive credentials?  Our President's lack of support for women is spilling over to small cities and large cities.   PLEASE Stop and post your support to help these women #METOO - for I know enough is enough.




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