February 14, 2018


The Gospel According to Trump

I do not make this claim without acknowledging the fact that I, too have made a God out of a mere mortal. Even before I knew or understood what religion or a Bible was, my mother was my first deity and her words might as well have been written in red in a religious text.


Like Trump’s acolytes regarding him, when it came to my mother, I believed whatever came out of her mouth was the unadulterated truth. In the rare instances I questioned her, she responded to my queries with the same reasoning offered by the president or a Baptist preacher forced to answer a biblical inconsistency:


Because she said so.


When someone points out the fact that immigrants are less likely to commit a crime, that white men commit more acts of terrorism, or that the economy is a product of Barack Obama’s policies, Trump bypasses reason and doubles down on rhetoric. Even though net immigration has been negative for more than 10 years, Trump’s followers believe kicking out Mexicans and Muslims will magically transform America into a utopian paradise in the same way that SOME Christians show up on Sundays to pay 10 percent of their income to an already wealthy pastor to buy a seat in the VIP section of the afterlife.


Trump’s fans dismiss anyone who questions as an unholy blasphemer using their carnal mind. Nothing has to make sense. He said it. That’s enough.


Thus sayeth Trump.



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