February 21, 2018

Happy late Valentine’s Day, I hope you all got reminded by your loved ones how special you are to them or maybe you got a heart made craft from your child’s school that we know we keep forever;). Either way happy V-Day!

The Rodeo is winding down and it brought a lot of fun this year for many. If you didn’t catch it yet be sure to before Sunday. So many great things for the kids (not to mention the carnival).

I think we are all deeply saddened at the Parkland school shooting that left 17 who lost their lives- while being at school. How devastating that this is plaguing our children day in and day out, even if it’s the thought of it MAYBE happening to them. Talk to your children and schools, what is their action plan, is there one, can just anyone walk on school property? Those are the questions. I will say once 9/11 happened it was a SWIFT LOCK Down on all military bases within hours. Streets that were accessible before like the New Braunfels gate or the Harry Wurzbach gate were closed for anyone without a chip card that got scanned by a reader device.

I remember it so vividly because I heard “Hey Z! You got guard duty on Harry Wurzbach this month 24 on 24 off”. I wasn’t happy about it because childcare became an issue but you gotta do what Uncle Sam says so I’m it and so are a lot of others. Until they realized we need more then soldiers we need guards. And they paid the money and here came the guards all in weeks time.

It’s not about money it’s about keeping our kids safe. There is no red tape when it comes to kid safety and the kids of Parkland are making that statement loud and clear. If the military can lock it down in a matter of moments then so can schools who should have this as a standard safety measure, but instead schools add buildings and new gyms. Right now we need protection and safety.

There is only one thing so far this horrific tragedy has shown me, these kids are pissed. And these kids won’t take no for an answer and these kids will be our leaders. Everyone in office now anywhere in the world not speaking ACTION you will be run out because these kids are coming for your seat. And rightfully so.

The police coverups in Baltimore, shootings at schools, #METOO Victims in San Antonio being brushed aside by Mayor Nirenberg and other leaders of this community but we make sure to speak about ‘fitness in the Park’ (eye roll). The next generation is not having any of this and the leaders who won’t take action, your kids will.

Stand with Parkland and stand for all of our kids and fallen fellow neighbors.

Have a blessed week friends.




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