Open Letter To The Mayor...

Dear Mayor Nirenberg,


In order for you to understand why you are the cover story, I ask of you to understand the importance of knowing the past, and how your campaign supports changing the future.


On March 6, 1960 - President Kennedy issued Executive Order 10925, prohibiting discrimination in federal government hiring on the basis of race, religion or national origin and establishing The President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity, the EEOC. They were immediately directed to scrutinize and study employment practices of the United States government and to consider and recommend additional affirmative steps for executive departments and agencies.  


Four years later on July 2, 1964 - President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The most sweeping civil rights legislation since Reconstruction, the Civil Rights Act prohibited discrimination of all kinds based on race, color, religion or national origin and transform American society. The law allowed the federal government to enforce desegregation and prohibits discrimination in public facilities, in government and in employment. The "Jim Crow" laws in the South were abolished, and it became illegal to compel segregation of the races in schools, housing or hiring. Enforcement powers were initially weak, but they grew over the years, and later programs, such as affirmative action, were made possible by the Act. Title VII of the Act established the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).


Based on the affirmative action rules that are the law of the land, San Antonio and even Bexar County have embarrassingly failed to ensure that it is, at a minimum, maintaining at least the population size of Black people in San Antonio, but has held the line not to increase the population size, which is counter to the Federal law.


Last week, the San Antonio Observer showed that in three cities with the same Black populations, San Antonio was at least 1,000 jobs underperforming.  The City of San Antonio has an 8% Black population and hired 6% Black.   Why does the City of Austin have an 8% Black population and hire 15% Black?

News Alert:   Bexar County has a total Black population of 9% and has hired 8% Black.    Why does neighboring county Travis County have reported a 9% Black population and hired 16% Black?  Bexar County should have at least 400 to 500 jobs as Whites and Hispanics are over hired to their populations.

Various San Antonio media outlets have now reported that African-American or Black people are being shut out culturally to the 300 Years – or Tricentennial Celebration of our city.   We also note that no Black businesses are boasting of having any significant contract opportunity to work with the 300.   In other words, city and county taxes, that I pay, have no way of being circulated to diverse businesses that are the center of our community.  


Listen, the problem wasn’t caused by you, this trend has been going on forever.   Even with our City electing a Black mayor, the focus never was on her constituents in District 2.  But seriously did she actually receive the MLK Award for advancing her people during the 2018 MLK March?    Where is My Brother's Keeper today?   Wasn't that initiative supposed to help Black males? When the old Mayor gave the project leadership to a White firm, I knew that was the beginning of the end.   The underemployment of African Americans or Black people should have been a focus of Ivy Taylor – but even in her cabinet, she maintained one Black female and got rid of any Black male who had a brain and could out think her.   This is why Ivy lost her re-election and you're seated at her old office- hopefully not holding up the same 'keep out' rules for the Black community.


 However, Mayor Ron Nirenberg you are now responsible for fixing the problem that is being brought to your attention.   On your campaign literature, your third bullet says “Promote Job Creation and Economic Growth to Benefit All San Antonians”.  Mayor, as the leader of the 7th largest US City… please set the example for equity and equality in the City of San Antonio.  Clearly, Black underemployment is at the expense of White and Hispanic over employment.    


We expect with job attrition (employees quitting, being fired, or retirements), we expect more of an effort than ever before to hire qualified African Americans for all types of positions.   We also expect to see what the goals are for succession planning for African Americans -as we assumed a Diversity Plan was in place.    In order to accomplish these goals, we call for the Mayor to stand up a new task force focusing on African-American jobs within the city and to enable the task force to hire a consultant to help steer the group's progress.  I ask under the Open Records Act, a complete list of all City departments with number of positions authorized, filled and percentage of African Americans on each staff level. You can email the list to or mail to P.O. Box 200226, San Antonio, Texas 78220.

 I understand the City Manager controls the departments, from Human Resources to Finance to Transportation and Capital Improvements.   According to Councilman Brockhouse, Sheryl Sculley has gone unchecked for too many years.   With her record on jobs for Black people, she has denied the most fundamental need people have and that is to work!   Her record is the worst ever for people of color.    To define White privilege, we see the name Sheryl Sculley – the highest paid city manager in the country at $450,000 plus $75,000 Bonus in 2018 with options for more bonus $ throughout the year.  Sheryl Sculley is our City Manager who creates obvious discrimination with a Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff who does the same thing.   So are you going to micromanage and check her?   How do you make up for years of not following the law?


America’s story is of Black people who were enslaved for over 400 years.   The narrative of the 300 hundred years of our City supports 300 years of continued "Jim Crow" laws that were supposedly abolished in the South.   Limiting Job opportunity is the constant oppression, constant disrespect, and total disregard that Black people should not endure in 2018.   I say this, and I am honored so many of you believe I am sincere, White people like Sheryl Sculley and Nelson Wolff can’t be for YOU if they don’t believe in Hiring YOU!  Sometimes I sit back and look and say, "Didn't we just march holding signs (like Dr. King held signs for jobs when he marched) arm in arm with the very people who will not hire Blacks or have not even taken the time to understand WHAT they are marching for".  It is a sad picture to do all of those things for nothing but to come back to THIS.. jobs for Blacks. 


Since those two can’t get the job done, as past performance (not going off a paper trail because there is not one) shows they are not capable to appreciate the diversity of our community – together let’s FIRE them!   


As Nelson Wolff shakes your hand for re-election, ask him how this problem happened.    Don't let him say that the ball was dropped, or they forgot the importance of diversity, or a number of other reasons.    This term racism - is the term that can be applied!


The SA Observer will hold a community Town Hall Meeting in April to demand 1,500 Jobs… to bring the City of San Antonio (1,000) and Bexar County (500) into compliance with the law.  If we don't hire educated Blacks who continue to be discriminated against, Black people needing a second chance will be continued discriminated against and the most vulnerable, Black High School and College graduates looking for their first opportunity will be discriminated and denied opportunity.  


Why do we use the word DEMAND?  The lives of African-Americans are in jeopardy and on life support.   When self-esteem and your self-worth is altered because you know you are qualified to do a job, but get constantly denied, and when the family has needs you can’t provide, I think you will agree, you are not to blame and need help now.  You my friends need a life vest thrown to you.  And as of today, we have not heard from the City or County  – none of your elected leaders have stood up – so we must DEMAND.   If our facts are wrong, please someone say so!


And please None of YOU… don’t send me the reply that we have a shortage of talent email.  That is B.S.   As a Veteran of the US Army, in Military City USA, I have seen and worked with more overqualified Black Soldiers, Airmen, Seamen, and Marines - all bypassed opportunities as they seek to transition into City of San Antonio or Bexar County employment.  Why?  The same reason I wrote before… our elected leaders have sworn to “Keep Them (You) Out!” 



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