We have been reporting the most intense numbers when it comes to how many blacks are employed by the City of San Antonio- it wasn't looking good and turned out horrible.  The equality isn't there despite the hundreds of applicants who were Black and applied many of whom hold graduate degrees, and various professional accomplishments that would be an asset to the city- but the city must not see it that way.




I think we may all go back a little in history when we are trying to figure out WHAT HAPPENED?  Or the question may be- WHERE DID IT ALL GO WRONG?.  So The Observer submitted an open records request on the last 3 Affirmative Action meeting minutes of the city... oh there haven't been any meetings (ok maybe 1 in 2 years or something).  


So let's backtrack, your telling me that a segregated city who knows they are segregated are not even holding their Affirmative Action meetings? Common sense tells me that committees/boards whatever you want to call them are there for a reason or do we all get appointed to boards and the expectation is ... nothing?  No, we get appointed and we attend meetings and minutes are produced..... each time.  Simple.  But not for the Affirmative Action Committee/Board whatever sounds good let's call it that because they are NOT having any meetings.


So when you take a look back to see where the ball was dropped or call it 'when things went NO WHERE for blacks and jobs' it happens to be under the reign of Ivy Taylor.  Maybe she had a lot of number one priorities, maybe she was politically bought to not fight for her own, but maybe she just didn't care.  That is what I'm leaning towards because the plight of Black people was not fought for under her reign.  Yes she was a Mayor for the whole city, but when you have a segregated city, as listed in Forbes and many other places, you would just THINK that the first BLACK WOMAN Mayor would fight for equality.  She didn't fight- the only way I know is because the power of the people's vote said so not the rumors on the street.  And we can't argue numbers the people spoke on that vote.


In order to fix something you have to start somewhere and see where it broke down, insert any name who could of been Mayor at that time and you get the same response from the Observer.. What happened to all the meetings to ensure Blacks and all minorities were being treated fairly in your city, and as for Ron Nirenberg he sure did come out rolling over Ivy but he's the same because he probably doesn't even know he has this board much less hold the board accountable and make it do something, I don't know maybe.. like... have a meeting?


Mayor Nirenberg, you said a 'City for All'... if you would you like our community vote then live up to the slogan you slapped all over town so nonchalantly then applied it only to the people you chose. 

Remember everyone- politicians oooohhh boy, they get you they really do.  They try to reel you in and after that vote they are done with you.  I've NOT experienced that with some great politicians, Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Calvert- ON IT.  Councilman Shaw is all over it.  Former Councilman Mario Salas has BEEN all over it.   Former State Rep Laura Thompson was all about being a champion to fight.  I don't have the space to list everyone but our most current and a few at that, but you get the picture.  


Just remember you take the power back from the politicians when you see your neighborhood flooded with their signs at election time but remember what they didn't do or even lend a listening ear to.


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