FCC to the Rescue

March 28, 2018

San Antonio - The Fair Contractor Coalition met on March 21, 2018, at Atlas Body Shop to discuss Bexar County Open Records request, and to formally elect three women to lead the business advocacy of the coalition.   After motion was approve, the new tri-chairs sitting next to TC Calvert are (from left to right) Medwheels CEO Jan Gonzalez, Vice Chair of the Texas Association of African American Chambers of Commerce Deborah Omowale, and Former San Antonio City Councilwoman of District 9, Elisa Chan.   


 At this meeting, the coalition enthusiastically supported the new FCC leadership to work with Calvert.  On the agenda, the City of San Antonio presented the revisions to the Diversity Action Plan presented to show the changes to the ordinance being recommended to City Council this summer.  The recommendation was made by Mr. Chris Dawkins, that the City take the presentation to the NAACP to see if the convention attendees could hear of the success the city has made in regards to advancing the African American business community.   Michael Sindon, who works for the Economic Development Department, with his staff received a roaring applause for his transparency and his ability to advance the goals.   

Also on the agenda, SAWS CEO Robert Puente, was asked to attend to address

sewage issues that was brought forward by a minority business owner.    Calvert pushed Mr. Puente to understand the community desperately wants to see septic tanks to be removed and upgraded to improve the quality of life for the residence on the poorer East side.  Calvert also stated he wanted to ensure business and economic develop is able to thrive in this region.   Puente countered and stated that communities on the Northside have septic tanks and that it is not always a negative attribute for an area to have this infrastructure.   Comments from FCC members supported the removal of septic tanks as it was said there are health impacts much greater than what the community may know and understand. The FCC did commend CEO Puente for turning down a nearly $100,000 bonus that was being offered to him for doing a good job and meeting his performance objectives.



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