TODAY, we honor and remember the legacy and life of the late Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as today marks 50 years since he was shot down on the balcony of his hotel.  A man who only loved and wanted other to love.  A man who wanted equality and justice for all, a man who loved and provided for his family- a man that today, we are still fighting with.


                                            Click HERE to read "1,500 JOBS"


We are still marching for jobs, we are marching for our LIVES, we are marching for gun reform, we are marching for equality, we march next to the very same people who won't help fix any of this and CAN help yet after the march they go back to lunch.


We will always remember our past legacy leaders who fought for the rights of Blacks and we will continue to fight in their honor and for our futures as we face those 'leaders' downtown San Antonio whose every move says: KEEP BLACKS OUT.


We are here and we really are tired of explaining WHY we should have jobs, but you (Bexar County and City of San Antonio) won't give them to us, YET you all say how shitty the East side looks.




Well let me say this, if I had a check then I can invest in what my house looks like and buy a can of paint.  1,500 jobs are owed to blacks in San Antonio yet they say were the lazy and inadequate, untrained, uneducated ones.  No, you won't give us a chance and until you do these families aren't investing in a can of paint because they have no means to get it.  You took that from them and now we are here, AGAIN, to take what is equally and rightfully ours.


If it's not, please do NOT march next to me next year with your FAKE EQUALITY sign.  Save the poster board and marker ink.


Like, seriously, you march and then go back to your office and won't hire Blacks.  I don't think I need to say anymore that speaks volumes itself. 





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