Triple Threat: Whataburger Shakes Things up With Menu Updates


Returning: The Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich


First introduced in 2015, the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich is returning for a limited time. The sandwich is layered with three crispy all-white meat chicken strips, two slices of Monterey Jack cheese, creamy buttermilk ranch and topped off with Whataburger’s own Buffalo Sauce—all served on a toasted five-inch bun.













Refreshed: Apple Cranberry and Garden Salads


In other news, Whataburger’s salads received some fresh additions. Both salads now start with a base of lettuce blend including romaine, red and green crisp lettuce and red butter lettuce.


The Apple Cranberry Salad includes dried cranberries, crisp apples, and shredded cheddar cheese. Matchstick carrots add a bit of crunch and sweetness to the mix. The Garden salad includes grape tomatoes, matchstick carrots and shredded cheddar cheese.


Customers have the option to top either salad with their choice of bite-sized Grilled Chicken or Whatachick’n fillet, which is now diced, making it even easier to enjoy on-the-go.


Dressing options include Whataburger’s Signature Sauces (Ranch, Jalapeno Ranch, Honey Mustard and Creamy Pepper Sauce) and more.

Revolutionary: Salted Caramel Shake


Last but certainly not least, Whataburger sweetens the deal with its newest limited-time offer, the Salted Caramel Shake. With rich, creamy caramel flavors and a hint of salt, the shake perfectly balances sweet and savory flavors to make what is sure to be a new Whataburger favorite.


Check out what some of our loyal customers had to say when we tested the flavor earlier this year:


  • “I like salted caramel everything.”

  • “I’d come get one tomorrow if they had it.”

  • “My life will never be the same with that Salted Caramel Shake. It was soooo good.”


Be sure to stop in for one today before they’re gone!




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