#ItsTime To Replace Commissioner Elizondo

April 11, 2018

Precinct 2 leads Absences & Bexar County Amputations


Express News has attempted to shut us up this week while Bexar County mails ballots to voters for run-off races to include the Precinct 2 County Commissioner race everyone on social media is talking about.  The Express News attacked us because we stand for truth, justice and the American way!   They are irritated because we published our opinion of County Commissioner Paul Elizondo in “East Meets West” because when the conscience of the oppressed unite, change does occur.   We understand the long divisions between competing poor communities.   You will learn in this editorial that Hispanics/Latinos are suffering on the West side under bad leadership.


In the Express News report dated December 18, 2017, Significant Statistics: Poverty on San Antonio and beyond and some expensive curtains, stated “Four San Antonio Zip Codes – 78207, 78202, 78203 and 78237 lead the city in the fewest residents who have a high school diploma; lowest median home prices, lowest personal income and lowest household income; and highest number of residents living below the federal poverty level.   According to the US Census Bureau, 48.3 percent of residents in 78202 Zip code who are 25 years or older live below the federal poverty level.  That number in 78207 is 40.7 percent.”   We write this editorial to show you despite how bad you think you have it, it is even worse in other places in our city.  One person who was recommended to continue by the Express News is the leader of this mess, County Commissioner Paul Elizondo.   


If Elizondo was an educator for 18 years, and Commissioner for the past 30 years, how can he settle with the highest rate of residents who do not earn a high school diploma?  If Elizondo is the leader of the Commissioner’s Court, as he stated in his recent debate, in January, how can he be ok with having the highest number of residents living in poverty?   You can see why readers wonder what is behind the ethics of the San Antonio Express News. They have a history of oppressing people through their wacked endorsements.  


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Bexar County Commissioner Paul Elizondo is fighting for his political future at the age of 82.  He says other candidates should “wait their turn” and rationalizes by saying “the community should always know poverty will always exist.”   


In our article, “East Meets West”, clearly defined changing the composition of the Commissioner’s Court to enable more progressive policy changes being recommended by Precinct 4 Commissioner Tommy Calvert.   Since joining the court, Elizondo’s welcome to Calvert has been stale at best, putting to shame the picture he displays on his Facebook page, with former President Obama, as if Elizondo is on the same page as this progressive change agent.


We saw the negative trends, and gave the underdog Queta Rodriguez the “Front Runner” title.   It is funny  to see the ladies on the San Antonio City Council, who suggested Latina women need to be appointed to more board seats, as they opposed the African American Dr. Willis Mackey, and be in leadership, but they are silent or in the case of Mayor Pro Tem Shirley Gonzalez, tucked under supporting Elizondo.   


However, public sentiment of Paul Elizondo is quickly changing.   The race is dragging on too slow as these negative reports about the conditions in his precinct emerge.    Elizondo really does not have a plan to fix the poverty, the poor streets, the broken education fulfillment and declining health conditions of the people.  Does he need another 30 years?     However, again many of the rich Hispanic community and the loyal Precinct 2 Elizondo supporters are rallying to keep Elizondo in office, some in reverence and some out of fear of going against a 30 year incumbent.  


How does the community justify his re-election despite not seeing no economic development in the precinct plagued with potholes as big as the Grand Canyon and practices of businesses having to invest in his campaign fund to be eligible to receive Bexar County Contracts?   “Pay to play” or “This for That” politics is widespread in Bexar County.


The new bombshell was revealed in Express News editorial this week by Gilbert Garcia showing Elizondo leading the Commissioner’s Court in lateness and absences in his meetings.     Didn’t the Express News endorse Elizondo?  They did primarily because they back political incumbents with a bank account so they can access it later!      


Elizondo’s attendance as the County Commissioner over the past year showed him surprisingly working approximately 240 total hours in the past year!   Who wouldn’t like 121 days of vacation?   While most of his constituents slave more than 40 hours a week at work, working 10 times longer for four times less in wages they earn, we want to encourage this example?    Shouldn’t he just step down in shame?     (This information was pulled from Elizondo’s public calendar.)  Last year he also gave himself a raise to earn $122,000 with a car allowance of $9,000.   A previous news report stated Elizondo had over $400,000 in his political compared to his opponent Bexar County Veteran Officer, Queta Rodriguez’s $4,000.    When the average family makes $30,000 in his precinct, no wonder there is a surge to elect someone new!


Elizondo has turned down any remaining debate opportunities.  He said “it’s time for the people to decide.”


Even more alarming than the number of days Elizondo has worked for a six figure income, he claimed to have more influence on helping to keep his Precinct healthy.  Unfortunately, the claim of County Commissioner Elizondo stated in rebuttal, “I’ve done something about Diabetes” to then opponent Mario Bravo at the Democratic Debate.  According to the numbers released by the Express News story on amputations, “Losing Limbs to a Terrible Disease”, they published a story that directly makes their endorsement for Commissioner Elizondo look very stupid.   


Precinct 2 owns the top four zip codes in San Antonio for amputations in large caused by diabetes.    And while historically African-Americans have led the face of the predominant victim, it is different in San Antonio, as the sad faces of the amputee and diabetic are Hispanics.    The numbers are overwhelming to the Precinct 2 community.  The top four zip codes are 78201, 78207, 78228, and the highest 25.89 out of 10,000 amputees being in 78237.  These are the facts correlated to the leader who has led the conversation for over 30 years.


Unfortunately with Elizondo pulling out of future debates, he is hoping his precinct fails to connect the facts, the deaths and amputations to his part-time leadership.  You make the call!  


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