Good day neighbors and community!  It has been a beautiful week and I hope all have been enjoying this weather, the weather when we save money because we do not ALWAYS need the AC on:)  


A lot is going on our side of town, Starbucks is open (yikes to what happened at Starbuck, turn the pages to see that story), Sculley is about to get flooded with photos, and Trump is still President.  Well, there is a LOT of good happening also, Brian Dillard was appointed to the VIA Board (Congrats Brian!) we know he is a community fighter and were glad to see our community represented under this great man.  The First Young Women's Conference is happening in May (read our cover story) as the founder of a great non-profit is brightening the future of so many young East Side Women, Councilman Cruz Shaw is getting answers on the 1,500 jobs owed to blacks from the City and the County, and just wait and check out the new D2 Fiesta medal- it's LIT (as in it is the bomb! :)


Pictures are starting, but what pictures?  This community is trying our darndest to tell Sculley NOT to steal our Hays Street Bridge View so here is what needs to be done and we are calling for EVERYONE'S help.  Take yourself, take your family, friends whomever and take a picture at the Hays Street Bridge showing the beautiful view that Scully is selling us out with to ANOTHER developer.  We ask people from all over this city to come to the East Side and discover the beautiful view this rich nasty woman thinks will keep her in her penthouse even longer with these dumb deals.  At the end of the day it's a deal somewhere along the line and it's horrible, like who would take this from this community and city?  HER.  That's who- Sculley.  


Voice YOUR VOICE to City Manager Sculley and Deputy City Manager Erik Walsh by either emailing them at or call their office at 210.207.4484.


Let's show them who has a voice.


We will not be SCREWED BY SCULLEY.




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