Bexar County – County Commissioner Calvert pushes for County Disparity Study




Armed with concerned citizens, Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Calvert, Precinct 4, is pushing forward to have Bexar County conduct a disparity study.   The Commissioner is asking for a disparity study because he believes the allocation of Bexar County dollars is disproportionate to the number of minority businesses in the County.  He is trying to follow the lead of the City of San Antonio’s disparity study which has increased local small, minority, women business utilization to 49% compared to Bexar County’s 24.80% performance last year.   Why are two public agencies so different?  Why are the same availability of local SWMBEs being used as Prime Contractors and with increased opportunity?  With an aggressive Diversity Action Plan, and revisions to the Small Business (SBEDA) Ordinance, the City of San Antonio has gone from 10% to 50% in commodities in one year.  The local minority business community is expecting Bexar County to step up to the plate.




Additionally in Bexar County news, there is an aggressive search for $9 million dollars that was not properly accounted for in Bexar County with the renovation project of the AT&T Center.   Bexar County’s SWMBE committee, citizens appointed by the Court, questioned the percentage and dollar amounts of minority business utilization at the AT&T Center.    It was discovered and now widely talked about, that $9M dollars that Hunt Construction was paid in renovation and new construction receivables went to 21 recipients who didn’t have EIN numbers.  EIN numbers is a basic requirement that Federal Government requires for business entities to receive money, similar to an individual’s social security number.  We will continue to track, the $9 million dollars, as there should be accountability to who received the money and for what purposes.    This appears to be a total violation of Texas and federal laws.   How are taxes collected on that money?

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