April 18, 2018

(SAN ANTONIO) -  When news broke further today, as 1/2 of the world just 'magically'

 found out about this (as Councilman Shaw calls it) HORRIFIC RACIST VIDEO, the East Side was mostly in shock and dismay.  The below video shows students who attend Roosevelt High School, located on Walzem Road saying racist threats looking right into the camera towards black people.  This video apparently happened on April the 5th according to news sources and school officials.


"I hate all black people", says one,

"I hate all Ni*****", states another one,

"I want to kill all black people" says another one.  



We just Marched For Our Lives, we heard from all the students from all around and they are pissed.  Why is this being swept under the rug and reported on mainstream media as if this were a traffic accident with minor injuries?  Who paid your station to say that?!  The board of NEISD? 


Councilman Shaw states in his statement below "In March, a female student was arrested for making four social media posts making bomb threats and is now facing four felony charges of terroristic threat." 


So, let me understand this so far.  Kids are telling you they hate and/or want to kill all blacks and they are in in school suspension?  NEISD, you have just failed this nation and the kids of this nation who just wore there might on their chest and spoke up and out about HATE.  Marjory-Stoneman High School Students and Parents would be ONLY HAPPY to get this kind of warning- and YOU people IGNORE IT.  


That is not good enough for the children of District 2 and the City of San Antonio.  We do not accept a blind eye to this horrific matter that is a WARNING sign before we are the NEXT city with a horrible tragedy. 


Where is our Mayor?  Where are our Leaders?  Because the school and the 'school board' has FAILED and needs oversight and overhaul immediately as our kids lives are in imminent danger when threats made towards other students are not taken seriously.  These children need help, NOT ISS.  

Northeast Independent School District, Superintendent- Dr. Brian G. Gottardy must go, we cannot entrust our children's lives to a man who kept ALL of this RACIST HATE in his school by 'fixing' it with ISS.  No Sir.


We demand answers and we are investigating this story as we write.  We will continue to update this story as it develops.  Councilman Cruz Shaw statement on this developing story below, we thank our Councilman for speaking out and Leading this District with a voice.







Councilman William “Cruz” Shaw responds to horrific, racist video by Roosevelt High School Students


SAN ANTONIO (Apr. 18, 2018) – “Today I saw a video where 18 students from Roosevelt High School spewed racist language about African Americans. I was in disbelief as I heard threats, slurs, and hate speech from children of all backgrounds. The following statements were in the video:

  • ‘I hate black people’

  • ‘I’ve hated black people all my life, I want to freakin’ kill them all’

  • ‘I hate n------’

  • ‘F--- you n------’

Our office reached out to NEISD’s communications department for clarification and we were told that they could not legally divulge what specific disciplinary actions were taken. We were also told that the student who created this video asked others to participate in this video as a ‘social experiment’ and asked students to say the most offensive comments they could think of. Because of that, the district did not determine the threat made in the video to be an ‘actual threat.’
Ensuring our children are safe should always be our first priority and writing off threats and hate speech as a ‘social experiment’ is completely unacceptable. We also need to keep in mind that suspension and alternative school placement cannot adequately address the underlying issues that cause students to behave this way. A restorative justice approach must be taken to truly educate our children.
It is imperative that administrators exercise equitable treatment across the board when it comes to addressing threats made by students. In March, a female student was arrested for making four social media posts making bomb threats and is now facing four felony charges of terroristic threat.

After the domestic terrorism we have seen across our nation lately, school administrators everywhere are encouraging children to report any suspicious or threatening behavior. We have to show our students that proper action will be taken when they raise these concerns. We have to show our students that there is zero tolerance for threats, slurs, and hate speech in our schools, our district, and our city.”














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