Last Wednesday the 18th of April we received the news of this horrific racist video that was made by students at District 2 North East Independent School District's High School- Theodore Roosevelt located on Walzem Road.  There has been so much confusion about this incident due to the audible quality of the video that is posted on our website at www.saobserver.com and on our FB page @210observer (see the comments people are saying HERE).   If you read my publisher's note (next page) I share my day before I saw this video and it was gut wrenching from there on out, how could it not be after watching and hearing these hateful racist words spewing out of mouths that are supposed to be signing up to vote soon or joining in to March for our Lives.  We literally just, nationwide, Marched for OUR lives, our KIDS lives after Marjory-Stoneman High School in Florida said #nomore.  But less than a week or so later here comes Roosevelt HS 'Magnet Program' with this BS.






Students were captured on video saying the following:


"I hate black people"- 1st student on video


"I hate black people"- 2nd student on video


"I've hated black people all my life I wanna freakin

 kill them all ship them back to Africa"- 3rd student on video


"I hate black people"- 4th student on video


"I hate black people"- 5th student on video


"I hate black people"- 6th student on video


"I hate black people"- 7th student on video


"I hate black people"- 8th student on video


"I hate you" - 9th student on video


"I hate black people" - 10th student on video


"I hate black people" - 11th student on video


"I hate blacks" - 12th student on video


"I hate black people" - 13th student on video


"I hate blacks" - 14th student on video


16th student- inaudible


15th student- inaudible


"I hate negros" - 16th student on video


"ooh ooh ahh ahh (in a monkey voice scratching armpits 

comes into camera lens) Fuck you Niggers" - last student on video


Here is the real story about the 'Gods' in NEISD and why the kids in the video ONLY received ISS (in school suspension).  See photos submitted by Roosevelt Staff within this story.

             Photo from FB of David Chancellor (News4 WOAI) with wife Aubrey Chancellor (Comm Director, NEISD)


Initially we reached out to NEISD Communications Director, Aubrey Chancellor who

said “Why are you making this bigger than it is and Mr. Gottardy is not available”.


The thing about the Observer is we are not bought.  We are not like other media outlets who take 'HUSH' money instead of doing the right thing we are transparent.  Social media is on FIRE toward the mainstream media outlets, as Keith Scott took to his news platform on Black Video News and talked about the different outcomes this

would of had if this had been a Sam Houston student who made this video - the news outlets would be alllllll over it.  Well of course they would and BVN is right the mainstream news FAILED SAN ANTONIO AND THEIR RESPONSIBILITY.  They are protecting NEISD right now because for one- the woman named Aubrey Chancellor the 'Communications Director of NEISD' is a former WOAI reporter and married to a current WOAI reporter- so there you have it with that outlet and why they 'chose' not to give this the time of day except to help the wifey out.   Well here is how we will put it out- TRUTHFULLY  and with their OWN QUOTES.




This video timeline is so disturbing.  A parent of one of the students in the video called the school on April 5th to alert them of this horrible video made by a student who is 1/2 African-American and 1/2 Hispanic.  It was not until April 12th when the school decided to even pull out just ONE kids to question them about this situation.  So a WHOLE week of death threats and hate speech goes by without a single student being spoken to.  The staff was NEVER spoken to about it they said.  They only received the photo you see in email format with the vague slap on the wrist and only deeming the punishment to be a social media responsibility training issue.  No its life or death per their WORDS so weather it is on social media or not is NOT even the problem even though it showed everyone else the problem- the real problem is you found that you have hidden killers/haters and you don't care because you will lose 'magnet student' money.  


When a teacher asked why this has not been dealt with yet as racial tensions are flaring between 'magnet' students and 'gen pop' (as Roosevelt Admin refers to our students as) they were told by the Asst. Principal of Roosevelt that it took her three days to investigate before handing it over to the counselor for discipline.  What?  That is how we deal with death threats towards EVERYONE BLACK? 



As I continued speaking with the concerned Staff that night they explained what's going on from the inside and it's not good so buckle up before you decide how to protect your children from Roosevelt High School Superintendent Brian Gottardy who would not speak with us because he probably thinks this isn't important (which makes you now a racist and complicit in the matter Brian).  As for the Director of Communications for NEISD Mrs. Aubrey Chancellor, her response to me over the phone about the video was "Why are you making this bigger than it really is".  Ahhhhh, ok we have 2 racists who are in positions to protect our kids and they must go.  Aubrey you did not COMMUNICATE any of this to anyone and it happened on April 5th, the public has a right to know incase you did not learn that in college while you got your 'comm' degree.  Unless you'd like school's to make decisions for your kids when they are threatened without telling you- then be a WOMAN and speak out! And in case you haven't been watching the news (well I did a little research she's watching the wrong news to be in charge of our kids if you know what I mean) you have a BIGGER responsibility right NOW or Roosevelt kids will VOTE YOU & BRIAN OUT (we know you're not elected but keep close to the packing boxes)!  We will be registering all of the kids to vote and they will decide whether Mr. Gottardy stays or goes, just like all the other students in this nation have a voice we are making sure these kids know there's and reminding you that Brian and your futures are in these kids hands!  Elected or not! We pick kids over the both of you, they have hope and are trying to change this world as you try to enable it to be further disgusting.

We reached out and spoke with the NEISD police department to inquire when/if they received the video and when they reached their determination of forward action because aren't they the trained ones to deal with death threats, right?  Right.   Aubrey Chancellor, NEISD Director of Communications, took my call on that request and said that wouldn't be a problem and we got NO ANSWERS.. NADA!  So according to NEISD (per their lack of response) the disciplinary lands in the hands of Mr. Cook who is about to retire as a STUDENT COUNSELOR and who is NOT qualified to determine any disciplinary action at this level of racial hate and death threats, where is the FBI?


Only correspondence/communication given to staff at Roosevelt concerning the horrific racist video along with students involved and their process of 'disciplining'


Why did the staff want to meet with us?  Because they are scared. Why are they scared?  Because they believe this video is true and stated , "These kids were waiting for the chance to say what they have always felt and wanted to say and they used this as their chance." - Anonymous Staff, Roosevelt HS.


A black teacher feels that if our black and brown students had been recorded communicating terroristic threats and spewing racial slurs against white students the outcry would’ve been greater and tougher.  And we AGREE!


The District and other news says this video was a social experiment of some sort that was not meant the way it came off.  For this to even be considered a 'social experiment' as many news outlets here in San Antonio reported- your crazy.  Where was the appointee over this 'social experiment', where is the control group, what is the mission, the vision, the PURPOSE.  Call it what it is NEISD a LOT of death THREATS.  And lastly, what 'MAGNET' PROGRAM does a 'social experiment' saying to hate all blacks and kill them all or send them all back to Africa- NO ONE.  That's the answer.



It was also expressed and found to be true (see photos above) that all the students in the video are magnet students- let me break that down for you since NEISD won't.  NEISD has a great magnet program where if you get into the program you can attend no matter where you live.  So these magnet students come from all over such as Johnson HS area, Churchill HS area, etc.  This is MONEY.  NEISD cannot lose money over lives I suppose because ISS is a timeout and these students need to be REFORMED for even allowing those words to come out in a school setting much less ANYWHERE, who are there parents?


Ever seen the 'Gen Pop' at Roosevelt HS?  What does that mean right?  It's sickening what I learned from Roosevelt Staff.  OUR KIDS, OUR KIDS in District 2 who attend Roosevelt and are NOT in the magnet program are referred to as 'gen pop' by magnet students and some administrators.  The focus is to keep the magnet students away and safe from the 'gen pop' (our children who attend school everyday and live in the district).  This keeps the magnet parents from taking their kid out of school which means Roosevelt loses MONEY and they are not willing to lose money over ANY BLACK KID.  For that Aubrey and Brian, you have failed the hope of America.  The hope we will still carry with all of us and give to those at Roosevelt who you refer to as 'gen pop', the hope that we will sign up as many students at Roosevelt that we can to vote, and the hope to vote you both OUT!


We love you Roosevelt HS Students- you are NOT 'gen pop' you are STUDENTS and you will be heard.  This story is still developing.


Again Martin Luther King Jr., is here with us everyday and his words become louder and louder-






"In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

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