It is cringing to me when I hear people use the N word.  I am sure others have many different opinions on this word but one thing we all know, unfortunately, is that people use it and they SAY it and we will probably be talked about all around and up and down for the front cover headline. But unfortunately that is the TRUTH of what what said and what Superintendent of NEISD, which Roosevelt HS is a part of, Mr. Brian Goddarty and NEISD Communications Director Aubrey Chancellor thought only a 'timeout' for these students not only saying these things but recording them for the world was punishment enough.  


They do not think this is important- if you want to know why read the cover story.  Or just know these students mostly just got ISS (in school suspension) AKA TIMEOUT for saying they "hate all niggers" and "want to kill all black people".  We must be transparent and show the real truth or what is information if it's sugar coated or not talked about at all!



I am probably like most people who get up in the morning and the first thing I do is push 'go' on the coffee maker.  It may sound odd to some but I am being honest when I say I'm not sure what I am going to do that day but I know 1 thing- I will be busy.  Of course we all always have underlying work to do at all times like answering phones, emails, filing etc., but sometimes you get that one phone call that you never want to get.  And no I do not mean a death phone call of a loved one it's just 'that' phone call that makes your jaw drop kind of phone call, and then the course of your day changes completely.  Hence why I say I do not sometimes know what my day will consist of.  


It was about 4:30 is p.m. and that is about closing time.  You check your emails once more tidy up your workspace to go home or be done for the day and you get a text.  This text was the Roosevelt video and although I did not know what I was about to see before pushing play I had to stop after the first 5-6 seconds.  I heard racial hate language being screamed into a camera as if it were the 'first chance' these students had to say how they REALLY felt.  


My day changed, my heart changed,  my hope changed, my body changed.  I was boiling upset, I had chills and I was in complete and utter shock.  But then again, why am I so so shocked?  I mean to the outside world this is everywhere and everyday in everyway...hence 'Marching For Our Lives'.  And then is when the phone rang again and it was time.  Time to find out the truth of what's really going on because there is an African-American ALSO in the video saying these same things about his own race- so can this EVEN be real? Yes, it is real and it is disgusting.  I am so sorry to say it's real, I really want to say it's chopped up and mashed and FAKE AS HELL but... it is not. It's real and it is OUR district 2 kids so #ITSTIME.  


#ITSTIME to get rid of the so called 'qualified' Superintendent and NEISD Communications Director for thinking this is NO BIG DEAL as one stated to me over the phone (see in cover story)


I will allow our cover story that tells the ACTUAL truth of what has and has NOT happened around this horrific racist video to speak for itself.  Call this district and demand ANSWERS.  See phone number and contacts in cover story.


Talk to your kids, educate them on LIFE because our 'educators' are NOT.  Keep them safe, because at Roosevelt- Aubrey Chancellor and Brian Goddarty don't give 2 craps about the safety of the GEN POP (read cover for THAT quote!).




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