May 2, 2018


SAN ANTONIO- The Ribbon was cut Monday at the new Eastside Starbucks located at

3818 E. Commerce.  The community came out and represented as we welcomed them to the community.  Welcome?  We know exactly what you're thinking- they just kicked out Black guys the other day and we talked about boycotting and now we're welcoming them?  How does that work?  We get it, we understand.  Starbucks has showed racist acts in front of the nation, they then came out apologizing and saying they will shut down for a day and train their employees we suppose.  It all sounds good and we will see and that's why we were sure to be there.  To not only welcome the residents in this community who now have a great job with medical benefits and tuition assistance but to also let Starbucks know the Black community is different than 1604 and Bitters. 


You will know our names, you will know our faces, you will see the time and business deals that are created right under the roof of our E. Commerce Starbucks.  We are Black.  We are Brown.  We are Humans.  And we will be there to uplift not only ourselves by creating relationships over a cup of coffee but to be a part of OUR

Eastside Starbucks because it is our community and we will be treated with respect at all costs.  We will not run away from the company we saw degrade and dehumanize our race as we are not scared we are now than ever more involved since that incident.  It will not happen at our Starbucks if this community has anything to do with it and we will.  

Their is no way to ignore

the Starbucks incident but there is a way to keep it from happening again anywhere and especially here on the Eastside.  Support these employees who have vowed that they are here for the community and are so excited that we are excited.  These are our daughters, our kids who attend Sam, East Central etc.  They are our kids and our mothers and fathers and we will be there to support them.  



It was a great grand opening and when you do venture in to the YOUR (see photo) new Eastside Starbucks, introduce yourself and let them know YOUR their neighbor, they are excited to welcome you.  Store Manager Ryan has been working incessantly to ensure community involvement and we do hope to see Starbucks show the community that you are with us because for now- we are with you.  


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