May 2, 2018



San Antonio - In response to last week's shocking cover story, the San Antonio Observer has provided an opportunity for the North East ISD to provide their statement.   We emailed them last week and to date nothing official has been received.  

It is very interesting, the feedback we did receive had more to do what the Communications Director, Aubrey Chancellor said, or didn't say versus the focus on several bad children who created a very disturbing video proclaiming their hate of Black people by using the word Nigger, Negroes, and even to the point of saying they wanted to kill Blacks.


In this case, there was no police involvement to the threats as this is common.   


I would like to refresh our readers memory, the NEISD has a long track record of racial 

 and ethnic divide.   Historically, when the district is faced with doing the right thing versus doing what appears to be discriminatory, the NEISD errors on the side of White privilege.   


For instance, the school district did nothing to the students at MacArthur High School when the chanted "Build the Wall" as their response to President Donald Trump's rhetoric.   In that case, MacArthur parents pulled their children out of the school to provide their Hispanic kids a safer environment.  NEISD often will bash their    charter school competition as the reason why children are leaving, which we find is not the complete answer.  The Superintendent, Brian Gottardy, has built a culture very similar to Donald Trump, where he lies to the people, tries to strike fear in his subordinates, and recruits board of trustees that reflect his warped ways and thoughts.


In the case of Robert E. Lee High School, the Superintendent was active in wanting to maintain the history of Confederate war criminal General Lee.   The School board for two to three years heard from a diverse student body the need to change the name.   It took brave students to protest, and in the end, the Board decided to retain the LEE name as an acronym.  The current high school still has the statue up, and all the Robert E. Lee accessories are still worn by students.  The culture of NEISD is to stay what many, not just the SA Observer calls racist.


Now, we know the problem associated with a video that was made by students that belong to DATA and ETA High Schools.  These two schools are magnet schools where the majority are smart kids who are "bused" into the school to help bring test score averages up, and make it appear that the general student body is doing much better than in the past.   The same thing holds true for Robert E. Lee High School.  The school "buses" White kids with high aptitude to a school, that by itself, would have failing marks.   The Principal and the two directors of the magnet schools made a decision not to expel these gifted smart kids.  These leaders did not make the decisions all by themselves as the Superintendent - Brian Gottardy - must work with his leaders with highly sensitive information that could damage the NEISD brand.   While we understand there were decisions made, the ultimate decision and the single point of failure is the Superintendent.   He is the same person, who has shown no concern for diversity, and true inclusion.  The Superintendent is soft on racial and ethnic discrimination as a practice.  This is what we have witnessed.   The hiring record of Blacks in NEISD is also shady... you won't find too many.


Aubrey Chanchellor is Gottardy's mouthpiece and will defend her Superintendent.  This is again why the Black media never receives NEISD news releases.  For the Roosevelt High School story, she went back to her husband and previous employer at WOAI to write the story as they wanted to tell it.    


Now, the search is on to who leaked the truth?  My recommendation to the NEISD Board is to do your jobs and fire the Superintendent or else, our prediction, risk losing more children to homeschooling or charter schools.   While you may say there is excellence within NEISD, we can also say one bad apple spoils the barrel.   We hope you see your bad apple for what he is and make change OR be voted off!



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