The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

We see a lot happening not only in our very own community towards and against Blacks and Browns but nationally and globally.



Many do not like what we have to say, we may be politically incorrect because there is hardly a way to nicely put RACIST.  Sorry, I have to call it what it is. 


I wish every story we reported was rainbows and unicorns but that isn't life that's a dreamworld.  I have never been a 'politically correct' person, I just say it how it is and if it's WRONG that is the word I will use.  I will not say, "they could of looked at doing it this way instead"- NO, that's for the politically correct people and I am not one of them.


Roosevelt HS and Ms. Chancellor called me a Liar, that's fine I don't mind because one thing I make sure of is that no matter what I know- it's true and I will report the truth NOT the fluff version you want everyone to 'think' (thanks for sending your family over to FB to fight for you though but I suggest you focus your energy on fighting for the kids).  Your Staff is scared to death and they have my word... I will not share their information so you can get rid of the people who are NOT the problem- as they stated, "My job is important, but these kids are more important".  Gottardy sold you out and is hiding behind you, where is he?  Does he even give a crap? Because Superintendent Toscano at ECISD took swift action when a problem was brought to him, he even LISTENED!  Where you at Brian?  I know that is not politically correct but I tried the politically correct way and you ignored it so when someone doesn't answer don't you speak a little louder next time you call their name?  


We have a lot to face in this world and in race and in love and acceptance and if you cannot accept a wrong doing you are now a part of the problem.  


Good, bad, ugly, it is all of that but all of those parts together are what make up the truth, no fluff here.

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