4 San Antonio Middle School Students Competed in Math Video Challenge Sponsored by Mathcounts and won the National Competition in Washington, D.C.

San Antonio - Four local middle school students (6th-8th grade), all members of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) San Antonio Junior Chapter, competed in a Math Video Challenge sponsored by Mathcounts, the nation's premiere middle school mathematics education program. Voting started February 13, and ended March 14. Winners were announced and honored at the Mathcounts Nationals competition in Washington, D.C. May 15.


The team, who call themselves, “Little Figures,” modeling the movie “Hidden Figures,” consists of Breanna Hutchison (7th grade, Basis North Central); Londyn Hall (7th grade, Keystone School); Iman Zakaria (6th grade, Tejeda Middle School); and Lindsey Simmons (8th grade, Anson Jones Middle School). In their video, the team solves a pilot's average acceleration from 0 km/h to 300 km/h in 30 seconds, converted to a final answer in meters per second squared.

The video taught and showed real world application to a math problem selected by the team. In addition, the video must appeal to the public, math experts, and middle school students. After Mathcounts received over 300 videos, the “Little Figures” video had to make the Top 100 videos after the public votes on the Mathcounts website. Then, a panel of math experts narrowed the videos down to 20 then to four. Finally, at Mathcounts Nationals, 6th-8th grade competitors (in other math-related competitions) selected the winner of the competition.


“Art Hall [Director Alamo Colleges and Former City Councilman District 8, San Antonio] was the team coach and managed all the logistics and stayed abreast with Mathcounts. He was outstanding” said parent Shawne Zakaria.


Stephanie Hall also involved with organizing the girls stated, “We could not be more excited for the girls. Their accomplishment supports that we can do anything that we set our minds to achieve. It is wonderful; this victory is really a team victory as the video had the support from the entire city of San Antonio."

Shawne adds, "I would love for the cast of the Hidden Figures to see the video to show them what an inspiration they have been to young girls around the world.


”While the premise of "Hidden Figures" uncovered little known African American female accomplishments in the STEM fields, "Little Figures" brings the pride and joy of seeing today's young Black children know they too can be history makers.


The initial sponsors/supporters of the team included Alamo Colleges/St. Philip’s College, The City of San Antonio and Stinson Airport, Valero, Grace First Baptist Church. Microsoft assisted with the promotion, support, and donation.









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