California named after Black Woman

May 30, 2018



California named after a Black Woman?




Our next ‘real deal’ is a Shero, did you know that the state of California was named after a woman?  Her name was Califia (Khalifia) aka Calafia, a black woman. Califia was a warrior Queen, strong, majestic and most beautiful, who ruled over a kingdom of skilled Moorish black women warriors who wore armor of gold, on the island of California aka


Amazon, located off the southern coast of California (believed now to be Baja, which at that time was thought to be an island), a paradise full of gold and many other treasures. It is said that she ruled over and traveled to many scattered islands in the pacific ocean with her fleet of ships, to include what is now known as the Hawaiian islands, which were later united and ruled by King Kamehameha, a black man, another story for another time. In the year 1510, Califia was depicted in a novel by Spanish writer Garci Rodriquez de Montalvo. She is also known and regarded as the spirit of California and a huge mural of her image hangs in the Mark Hopkins hotel in San Francisco, California.


It is self- evident that she is the inspiration for the Wonder Woman series and also the Queen of the Amazons stories. In much the same way, how the story of


Bass Reeves was appropriated, plagiarized and white washed with the Lone Ranger, so too is Califia’s story, in 1941 by Wonder Woman writer William Moulton Marston.  Some believe her to be fiction, but then why would one of the largest states in America be named after her, why would Spanish conquistadors such as Cortez and other explorers travel to America all the way from Europe in hopes of finding her, her gold and her riches? And what exactly did those Spanish explorers find when they came to what is now known as California? Recorded in their handwritten logs, they found a copper skin color people, indigenous and native to the land, in which they called Indians, (the original native American/American Indian) and described these people with a similar app

earance to the negro in Africa. I believe that she, as others believe, was in fact a real person. In the olden days of Africa, African Queens ruled, and were most powerful.


Stay tuned for our next real deal.       




Ed Davis is a San Antonio native, he graduated from L.W. Fox Technical and Academic High School (Fox Tech) and Kennedy University. Ed is retired and had spent a total of 35 years in law enforcement, starting with the US Army MP's, Bexar County Sheriff, SAPD and FBI. Ed's mural tritych/triptic artwork, 'your African and American History' was selected as the MLK march winning art piece and featured in the 2018 MLK march, here in San Antonio. Ed is currently working on a book titled, Blackman 101, a true and factual history of the world and America, 'taking the mystery (my story) out of his story (history)'.




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