The fight isn’t stopping as news came hot off the press last week that the Texas Supreme Court will be hearing the Hays Street Bridge case that will accelerate the City Manager's desire to accelerate the gentrification of the East Side.   Unfortunately, San Antonio leaders cannot agree what is best for the future of the mostly minority community.  A Bexar County jury found in 2014 that the city - in essence the city manager - had breached its contract with the restoration group, but Texas’ 4th Court of Appeals later ruled that the city could not be sued on the contract because it enjoys governmental immunity. On Friday, the Texas Supreme Court decided it would hear the case to consider whether the city is indeed immune.  If the City is found GUILTY as we believe this would enable the district court to invalidate the sale of the land.     



The city said in a news release Friday that its sale of the land will not be affected by the Supreme Court’s decision.  Again this is Sheryl Sculley talking out of her neck optimism.    She wants to signal to her developers "we are going to be alright" and still make her extra money on this deal.


It is hard to divulge.  Hard to swallow yet gives us, the residents of this community and city, the hope and fight we will continue knowing that The Texas Supreme Court at least wants to hear our cities concerns and make a decision.  We also know they could of said "No thanks" as a loop hole exists everywhere. Fortunately that did not happen as the wish of San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley was denied. Wish denied!  




We all know or will now know Sculley’s pay (as if it’s not the ‘overpay talk of the town’) is

 around $475,000 a year with a $75,000 approved bonus.  Don’t worry Sculley- another bonus is coming your way before years end.  Yes that’s right there’s room to give her more and City Council will decide that when it’s time.  I’m sure it probably already is as Sculley finds her loop holes as fast as Donald Trump. 


Without throwing a bunch of numbers and dates at you to swallow before you understand and make any kind of sense about her let us just look at Queen Sculley’s overall actions in this Hays Bridge issue that she has made a spectacle of by not being able to sort it out because she can’t.  But why can’t she?  She has a problem and it’s a very simple problem that she, herself, may not of looked in the mirror to catch yet.  She doesn’t CARE.  She could give two you know what’s about the Hays Street Restoration Group, the Hays Street Bridge itself.  She doesn't care about the thousands of community and city residents and leaders who’ve lined up at City Hall for years to voice their concerns.  The list goes on and on with how she demonstrates leadership to the Black and Brown communities of San Antonio.  


Sculley doesn't care.  When your elected City Council does not push something through and you backdoor them and call the developer like you’re the Wizard of Oz to give him ‘recommended stipulations’ on his development and his development is good to go under those ‘recommended stips’ - you don’t care.  Easy as that.  No math equation from the beginning of her involvement should of ever equaled = The Texas Supreme Court hearing on a COMMUNITY bridge when there is a City Manager who gets a HALF MILLION dollars a year to oversee city operations.  

‘Super’ Sculley couldn’t do it because from the beginning she didn’t care. Caring causes action and when no action follows you don’t care.  Unless the action is AGAINST the people and that’s the way she took.  She is unelected and doesn’t have to listen, she only has to make sure that the former Mayor Phil Hardberger gets all he wants since he brought her here to be the City Manager.  And you thought MLK Park wasn’t getting attention because it’s under the radar? No, she has to please Phil and his Hardberger Park base so don’t hold your breath for anything over this way INCLUDING the Hays Street Bridge.




There were pleas for help from all the individuals who make up the very city that puts Sculley up in a penthouse.  City Manager, come down from your penthouse estate and show us how you care? 


You have never and will never see Sheryl Sculley within the community and neighborhoods on the East Side because she has the power to make change without you being able to vote her out of her position.   


No wonder Chris Steele has obtained hundreds of thousands of signatures to change the form of government we practice in San Antonio.   The form of government we practice in San Antonio is good for the "Haves" but not very good for the "Have Nots".  The reason San Antonio was labeled last year one of America's Most Economically Segregated Cities is because our City Manager practices and exercises the same rule as 45 is currently doing in Washington.   She advances the developers needs and the old money of San Antonio to keep racism and discrimination alive.


If we backdoor our spouses today on a major issue, like Sculley did, lawyers would have long lines for divorce court.   


Let me put on her shoes.   If we live in a penthouse and hear hundreds of pleas to keep a COMMUNITY / CITY bridge and disregard what is being felt, and proclaim and say "Hell No, they don't know what's good for them" essence she is saying we are stupid.  Her behavior demonstrates she doesn't care.


Well, the community has been writing and sending emails to the SA Observer, and they say, "Yes we do care"..."keep a spotlight on this issue"..."Thank-you for defending our community that this out of town woman is trying to destroy".  


Sadly, in a relationship that experiences the backdoor effects, the relationship fails.    I personally would feel guilty if I backdoored any of my loved ones or friends or anyone in the world if I truly have a heart.   



However, there is no heart, there is no inclusion.  Let’s just say it how it is because everyone wants to sugar coat it when the truth is- she’s BOSSY, BITCHY AND A BULLY. Yikes that’s harsh! Bitchy, Bully, Bossy?  Let’s go back to March 10, 2014 when The Rivard Report Published the story titled-  Bossy, Bitchy, Bully: Union Targets City Manager With the B-Words written by Robert Rivard.


He states in this article “When women like Sculley do excel, it’s not uncommon to see them targeted as intimidating or tagged with one or more of the B-words: Bossy, Bitchy, Bully. It’s an effective way to change the subject when change is the real issue, or the status quo is being challenged.”  - Robert Rivard.


I wonder if Mr. Rivard is still defending Sculley or is money flowing so hard he has to do it to stay afloat?   [Disclaimer:  Robert Rivard requested the SA Observers private emails to a public San Antonio company recently -  we are monitoring his behavior].  My commentary is I don’t see anything that Robert Rivard is doing except shielding Sculley's bad behavior. 




Our City Manager Sculley doesn’t give a crap about your bridge or what our community cares about.  Sad thing is Nirenberg- the Mayor (yes...him) is fighting for Sculley tooth and nail.  


This is a BAD move because we see the extent of the power Sculley has with every elected Mayor.  She has had total control over Nirenberg, Taylor, Castro and that is the truth.  The Mayor is trying his hardest to protect her.   Time will only tell, for now and the Texas Supreme Court could be a shame mark on Sculley’s ‘oh so perfect record’.   What we do know, while the Mayor didn't campaign on the East Side to win his race, and the City Manager doesn't come on the East Side to have any meaningful relationships to know her citizens, the city is practicing apartheid and doing their best to sell out the East Side community to accelerate the growth of a place that will make San Antonio Great Again.   Once we lose, the property taxes will rise, we will lose our wonderful bridge views, all for the new views of people who never would live in our community nor appreciate the people of the community.   


The Texas Supreme Court will likely hear the case in October, after its summer break and Its decision could take two to eight months.  In the meantime, Sculley and the developer has divided the community.  There is a lot of work to do!


Stay tuned as this story is developing.






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