Congratulations again to all of our graduates of 2018! From Pre-K to Your Senior Diploma the community has showed its outpour of love for you on our Facebook page at Go check out who all is supporting our children from near and far.

Heat has been a big issue for a lot of people as we’ve been slammed with scorching temps. If you are in need of assistance or fans call 311 and explain your situation and they will get you to someone who can inform you of all the resources available to you. Spread the word to your neighbors please.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to read our cover story I am interested in your thoughts. I have learned a very hard lesson in life that took forever to get the hang of and I’m still figuring it out, but it’s all about simplifying everything. From your wardrobe or schedule to politics and voting- simplify. If you remember in the cover story it’s all about voting. Yes it’s important to be as informed as possible and it’s ok for others to encourage you to vote one way or another. Although I believe in letting the voters choose and that is what the Fire Union is allowing us, The People (as our open letter to the mayor states) to do is have a choice. From what I can see and the message the Mayor is sending is ‘if you vote yes your ruining this city’. Are we shielding Sculley again (read cover article) or are we allowing the freedom of the vote? Hard to tell when each week the Mayor is jumping through hoops to shield the city manager. You kind of don’t know if he is for real or if it’s a Sculley thing again. Perception is fact and the fact is that the Mayor has made his ‘protection’ of Sculley so visible that it’s almost insulting to our intelligence as if we cannot see through as to WHY he is doing and saying the things he is.

Sculley must go, she brings so much discord to such a beautiful and ‘big city small town feel’ place where families just want to live in CHOICE. Yes- live in choice, the choice is yours and you understand how to be informed and absorb the knowledge you need to vote the way that you want to. Not the Mayor. Do not let him scare you away from learning more about this vote coming up in November for the Fire Union. We will continue to inform you so you can make your choice at the polls. Not someone else’s choice.




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