(SAN ANTONIO) - H-E-B has done it again!  Last Saturday marked the opening of many city pools but no other opening was quite like our own at Lincoln  Park.  This 300th Commemorative year in San Antonio started the summer off with a splash- a brand new splash pad at the 100 year old park.  The splash pad comes from a personal donation of $1 million dollars from Mr. Charles E. Butt while the city’s bond matched the donation to bring an added bonus and a free zone to the east side.  


                                                Photos Courtesy of District 2 Staff


We asked Councilman Shaw, how do you think the splash pad will help the community other than cooling off as this is a free zone?  The Councilman stated “We are so excited about this splash pad, it’s a wonderful addition to Lincoln Park! It’s important for our children and families to have access to free fun throughout the summer. Between the pool and the splash pad, Lincoln Park is the place to be. The splash pad is the first of many park improvements to come.”


Councilman Shaw states the importance of our community parks and after speaking with many parents this gift runs deep.  “With just $10 a day there isn’t much to really do with 3 kids and myself during the summer days” said community resident Donna Briscoe.  “Yes I can take them to the pool but being life guard to 3 kids in a pool of 30 is a job.  Now I can work since I work from  home and actually answer an email and I know my kids are safe in the splash pad so thank you HEB and the city.  This is way more than fun water this is a blessing and it’s free!” 


With many more additions set to come to the park such as lighting and pathways, Lincoln Park is just beginning.  We look forward to providing new features to you soon about more enhancements to Lincoln Park and surrounding areas.  

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